the boy who wants a chef

i’ve never touched on food on my posts before. so with the *new* year looming, i say why not? i do eat a lot anyway, and getting pudgier by the day. and i like all things confectionery. oh yes. you dairy schtuffs you. darn to that person who invented and squeezed those milks and made me bloated.

i frequent to chubby hubby‘s. he looks, clean. professional and well, just bloody clean lah. and he has made those cutesy gingerbread thingamagic which makes me ravenous and just wanna lick this screen.

image taken from chubbyhubby

moooooooooooving on….

and so he’s doing this new thing starting in january. or isit on? whatever. everything is bespoke-ing these days, so why not ice cream too? oh, heavens! this must be good.

image taken from chubbyhubby

(i’m beginning to sound gay.)

in other schtuffs, this came about today.

but then, i’m neither a fan of any of them. *SNOB!*

though i wonder if those “ahad tujuh* are salivating as we speak. *HYUK!*


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