let’s get pre10tious

alright, i love music. and this is 2005. bittorent is sexy i tell you, thanks!

1. sufjan stevens – illinois
aiyah all the songs i like lah. hype or no hype, it’s still good. but i *hope* i will still like it even after those blardy OC producers take up his songs and put on its shows. bleargh.

2. the national – alligator
at first hor, when i listened to `em like nothing like that. but then hor while msning, the player keeps shuffling onto murder me rachael like over and over again donno oso why, then suddenly hor the music like macam grow on you. no joke.

3. my morning jacket – z
this vair funky. one stop raggae, one stop pure rock. one stop donno what, but as what good records do, it makes a good band. or isit the other way round hor?

4. wolf parade – apologies to the queen mary
aiyah this one simple. you mix modest mouse and arcade fire and a bit of broken social scene what you get? a wolf parading lor! syiok!

5. spoon – gimme fiction
ah this one not that messian band. so don’t conpuse. i donno what their fascination with the cutlery, but they sure know how to rock. well.

6. deerhoof – the runners four
ayoyoyoyoyoyo. they play weird one. but then hor, sometimes. weird is good. some part pop yeay yeay, some part bubble rock, some part distort rock, i oso dunno what to define. give up.

7. antony & the johnsons – i am a bird now
vair compelling and touching, touching….until can touch you..there.

8. okkervil river – black sheep boy
sad songs make sad boys happy.

9. the mountain goats – the sunset tree
the singer sings weird one. but then hor he sing like tell story. maybe that’s why i like.

10. sigur ros – takk
ah there are 2 meanings to this. cheh.

if yer interested, last year’s list


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