the boy who wants a chef

i’ve never touched on food on my posts before. so with the *new* year looming, i say why not? i do eat a lot anyway, and getting pudgier by the day. and i like all things confectionery. oh yes. you dairy schtuffs you. darn to that person who invented and squeezed those milks and made me bloated.

i frequent to chubby hubby‘s. he looks, clean. professional and well, just bloody clean lah. and he has made those cutesy gingerbread thingamagic which makes me ravenous and just wanna lick this screen.

image taken from chubbyhubby

moooooooooooving on….

and so he’s doing this new thing starting in january. or isit on? whatever. everything is bespoke-ing these days, so why not ice cream too? oh, heavens! this must be good.

image taken from chubbyhubby

(i’m beginning to sound gay.)

in other schtuffs, this came about today.

but then, i’m neither a fan of any of them. *SNOB!*

though i wonder if those “ahad tujuh* are salivating as we speak. *HYUK!*


dang. no wonder osama’s going jihad. his niece, erm, posed.

now what are the chances bush’s daughters and osama’s niece can somehow influence a truce on behalf of their elders? everyone will vote on it, i assure. girls gone wild can create world peace, ya know?

if thing’s really go on like this, i won’t mind heading to afghanistan to be talibanised.

“sir, you do realise you’ll be scrutinised like shit should you head there?”

“yes, i do. i wanna be talibaned.”

“but, but for the good god…why??”

“i wanna un-‘veil’ more playboy bunnies, that’s why. hugh hefner will be very proud of me. and the gahmen too. ‘cos they’ll say i have entrepeunership talent.”


(back in singapore) christmas on orchard road looks more like abu ghabi prison rather than time’s square (imma always feeling newyorkish after watching snowy movies like serendipity. don’t ask me why. it’s been like that ever since i’ve watched coming to america).

“ooo! choirs!” *SNAPS!*
“ooo! filipino dancers(!?!)!” *POSES*
“ooooooo! big christmas tree!” *SNAPS x 1000000000*

my goodness. it begins to wonder me if christmas in singapore is actually a jamboree armageddeon or nonetheless.

but anyway, i got stuffs from ambush, and i’m sorta /happy. i’ve always (always, always) had this inferiority complex whenever i stepped onto these *ridiculously cool* stores. (it’s lucky for me to bring in someone who looks a bit kiera-esque so as to devoid their attention. heh.) it’s like as if them people inside are aliens from outer space with fantaboulously cool schtuffs.

but they’re cool (duh!). only hope that’ll won’t start my banjoree spree innit sudah.

it CAN be very addictive to stay long there, ya know?

just like listening to the national addictivity. *here i go again, jumping on the bandwagon* but, goodness me. those guys sure can rawk.

i mean just check out their song. so passionate. so like that one.

what you say? you want more of it? well just go to their myspace site. don’t tell me i didn’t say so, ok?

and lest i forget – i have little guts. *work on it on 2006, or else i’ll be +sic+*

oh well, merry merry.

it’s time for celebration!

exams are over! for now at least. i doubt the results will be as what has to be expected, but whatever it is, it’s still a relief of a burden, and as what rick james will say,

“It’s time for celebration! Let’s be merry! Kacheng kacheng cheng ke cheng cheng!”

speaking of rick james, those rick james and prince sketches from dave chappelle really kept me sane while going through those papers.

hail the internet, biatch!

let’s get pre10tious

alright, i love music. and this is 2005. bittorent is sexy i tell you, thanks!

1. sufjan stevens – illinois
aiyah all the songs i like lah. hype or no hype, it’s still good. but i *hope* i will still like it even after those blardy OC producers take up his songs and put on its shows. bleargh.

2. the national – alligator
at first hor, when i listened to `em like nothing like that. but then hor while msning, the player keeps shuffling onto murder me rachael like over and over again donno oso why, then suddenly hor the music like macam grow on you. no joke.

3. my morning jacket – z
this vair funky. one stop raggae, one stop pure rock. one stop donno what, but as what good records do, it makes a good band. or isit the other way round hor?

4. wolf parade – apologies to the queen mary
aiyah this one simple. you mix modest mouse and arcade fire and a bit of broken social scene what you get? a wolf parading lor! syiok!

5. spoon – gimme fiction
ah this one not that messian band. so don’t conpuse. i donno what their fascination with the cutlery, but they sure know how to rock. well.

6. deerhoof – the runners four
ayoyoyoyoyoyo. they play weird one. but then hor, sometimes. weird is good. some part pop yeay yeay, some part bubble rock, some part distort rock, i oso dunno what to define. give up.

7. antony & the johnsons – i am a bird now
vair compelling and touching, touching….until can touch you..there.

8. okkervil river – black sheep boy
sad songs make sad boys happy.

9. the mountain goats – the sunset tree
the singer sings weird one. but then hor he sing like tell story. maybe that’s why i like.

10. sigur ros – takk
ah there are 2 meanings to this. cheh.

if yer interested, last year’s list

exams & prata

i’m telling you, these exams are killing me. my timeline for the days is damn haphazard (?!) one. night becomes day, day becomes night. couple with the damn buay song workplace, maybe my realisation becoming a psychopath serial killer might just be realised.

so thinking that more sleep can energised me more for sunday’s last minute preparation, i slept early today, after coming back from work at 4. wah piang, so tired, i slept until 2am. now head spinning, and no mood to study. wah liau so typical one of me. so what i do? surf lor.

then i come across this site. haha! somehow got same theme as my dilemma one. exams lor. so terror one that fella. i think last time once i’ve answered a probability question by writing down the recipe on how to make a good prata. more of the pictures below.

talking of prata, The Prata N will be coming down to work this monday. the big daddy. the chief. the ahbuthan. i look at the itenary he come down look look ony for a few hours. but wah liau, preparations damn blardy hell one. somehow i donno if these visits are that useful one. we prepare so much, then show face for 2 hours ony.

like, wtf!?