singapore suckers

eh lanciau ah singapore soccer. sponsor here lah, promote here lah, but still same ol’ story. cannot score, no big match mentality, play with no hard, ony balls they know are their own.

they get paid so much and yet all squeak like little rats when the pressure is on them. how leh they justify their salary? if this type of performance happens at a company i tell you all sure kena sack. the ya ya papayas won’t even be recommended for future employment.

you know what’s the main problem with the team? i tell you what – too many mats. mats who think they are playas but ain’t noe the game when the bullet pinches in. they must be thing:- ‘apa mau main. gua tak main bagus pun tak per. balik nanti gua ada club mau amik gua bayar gaji 5k main bola tak payah buat apa apa.’ it’s not that easy speaking, hyphotheticly. but i tell you ah, that i think is the main problem one. these players all think the same. got money, for what play so hard. and that’s why i still until now cannot understand why these clubs in sial-league keeps paying them a lot. you ony good in your homeland for what? might as well don’t pay right? i tell u ah after that nkf story, someone must look into where the money goes to in paying these clubs.

they complain the field very bumpy right? professional players will even struggle to play on them they say. then i suggest a solution – why not u all play barefooted, ah? field not good lah, this lah that lah, then when you cannot score even after 25 chances what you gonna blame on? luck? lanciau ah luck. someone say, if u always blame on luck, then like that better don’t waste the money go travel here and there, play match there and thinking you will do good.

a reporter today wrote, sports are based on merit basis here before they are sent for international competition and the amount of grants they received. looking at the state of soccer players here, i don’t know how justifiable are they being meritted.

my only suggestion, u gonna get that type of pay and results are demanded, i tell you lock up them in a boot camp cannot go out for one year make them suffer like hell. if possible to the extreme, castrate them. then they know what is it like to represent the country while eating up the country’s money.



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