a rant

you know what i hate?

i hate of those fuckers who 15 years down the road still rambles on how top 10, 20 or even 30 percent they are during their PSLE days.


we live in this society who proclaims that we are moving on from the academia, bringing in the concept of total education to the next generation, and what do we have here? someone who rambles on how top they were during their long before days. i’ve friends who were the top of my batch ( as a reference before they swipe at me) and not once, not once they mentioned about what upon 300 scores they’ve got. the only reason i can comprehend why the suckers want to mention their scores to everyone is just to show how great and important their stand is. ‘oh you are so clever! and great!’ every single detail that strikes ‘this may make people go whoa on me’ be voiced out, be it the house or love life or anything. i don’t have responsibility in their life and neither do they, and god helps the day comes when they mention, ‘at least i make more money than you’, but i just have to ask this – is tell all, say all, the best satisfaction thing that you can achieve? like they say, no smoke, no fire…

so let the world know about everything, cos everyone wants to know a life of a tell all somebody..put on that stage ya’all


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