the economist is vair misty

oh dear me.

at the rate i am going, the dreams of having my face planted (anywhere) on the Economist seems to be fading away. i don’t know why, but i am taking such a blardy long time to cover chapter after chapter. the exams are only in a few days time and i am still ponderring and frighteningly fascinated why mc=mr makes good sense.

nak jadi economist aper kalau jakun pasal tuh benda.

i wish i could buy more time in covering, let say, 13 more topics. and i have this tendency to not go with the flow. i love to skip topics. one moment im coverring on supply, the next on international trade. like, so unsystematic. my mind wanders like that. the concentration level can be gone in a snap of a finger.

oh well, better go watch that liverpool match now. i say that makes very good economical sense.

there goes that dream i say…


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