Hem of anorak, stem of wallflower, hair of doormat

dear kids,

please listen up. the wait is over.

miss bush is back. back. back. now cheer up, ok?


dear RIAS,

i read in the papers that you had already issued those *letters* to the download perpetrators, macam giving them a warning lah. wow, if never obey kena fine big big or even jailed up till 5 years. so don’t pray pray ah you all especially YOU, mr dol. the punishment is even more than using the nation’s public fund to install a golden tap in the office.

so now mr dol also a bit kepo lah, so he want to ask. if you say that fine hor is a punishment because downloads and sharings hor can reduce the artists’ income and all that, will the fine that’s received be given to them? or is it to your own one? got right mah, pay money must know where it went to. if not like that if you catch 1,000,000 people and all money go to you wah piang, this organisation like macam blue-chip company owedi. like that oso mr dol want to work for you leh. but i oso wonder ah, if let say hor, those songs belong to the artists, how come until now hor i neber see any artists come together and fine these people themselves hor? easier right like that.

and then mr dol oso want to ask one more thing. mr dol understands downloading music is wrong some sort lah because can “affect” the income one, then wat happen ah if mr dol download tv shows? you see, drama all that on tv free right? thats why they call free-to-air tv mah…so if mr dol download one show is that wrong? but if you say if it’s wrong, then if i buy my dvd recorder and i record that show technically oso wrong right? pasal no license mah…on or not? how leh like this?

wah piang so susah ah nowadays. got technology but oso kena mati…


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