i’m a wrestling fan. since young, me and my cousins, we love to re-enact the wrestlers’ moves and as a result of that lots of furniture has been dismantled, foreheads got bled, teeths got blunted and so forth.

this won’t be greeted with sadness too much for others, but i’m saddened by the sudden death of latino heat. no more low-ridin pimp rides, 5 star frog splashes, those lying, cheating and stealing choruses…

darn, i’m gonna miss his actions.


4 thoughts on “RIP: VIVA LA RAZA

  1. WWE – Cheating Death, Stealing Life – The Eddie Guerrero Story

    I guess he was never meant to cheat it in the 1st place… At 38, I admit it’s pretty early.

    There goes another one…

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