the relationship between mr dol and consumer electronics is a strange one – it rarely lasted over a year. normally the break-up is due to terrible neglicence.

and thus this far mr dol had lost/spoilt:-
1. sally the nokia (2000)
2. sandra the nokia (2001)
3. sammy the siemens (2003)
4. salem the nokia (2003)
5. sonny the acer (2004)
and now,
6. sonia the canon (2005)

yes, thats right – mr dol lost yet another item. at the rate he is going, he doubts any insurance company wants to lease their products to him.

sonia has only been in possession in january this year and it had went together with mr dol on mostly good times, travelled places with him far and away, and capturing images that’s meant to be kept for a lifetime.

the last remnants of sonia was last seen at tampines st 84. mr dol fears for it since he stored a lot of ‘personal’ images innit. he hopes that whoever found it, he begged for it to be returned. or if at best, he hopes that no images will be manipulated over to anyone.

so he says, take care, to whoever received sonia. it’s your lucky day.

blardy lucky day actually.

thus i need to pacify myself. it hurts a lot to lose something which you thought of selling it off away at quite an unreasonable high price just a few weeks back *sic*….erm…ok lolita time.


UPDATE: well apparently, one of the guests happened to find it. BUT APPARENTLY TOO, the bugger doesn’t have the ethics to return it and kept it. i don’t mind strangers keep it for him/herself if he/she found it on the road, etc BUT if you just so happened to be a guest at the wedding that you are invited, the least that you can honour your ownself is to return it to the head of the house. kan? kan? kan?! bless you soul whoever you are. may your concience and nasi beriyani be stuck in your gut. or if you have one in the first place.


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