raging against the machine

i am convinced mediacork has really ran out of ideas. each new show is the recycled bits of scraps from anywhere, or worst – a synthetic direct copy of other shows.

the brou ha ha surrounding the *new* program, tab tv, is just an another sensationalization farce that had been known by everyone else already. as i watched the telecast, the usual suspects of what makes a typical mediacork production is all there in aplomb – lots of smoke but no fire at all, especially when it comes to the conclusion which unsurprisingly ended it just like that. case in point for yesterday’s show – they’ve showcased a drama bit to show a *real life* case of the uncle who engaged in those relationships but ended up despaired, even though with his wife by his side – as if want to indicate a moral story lah like that.

now where have we seen that before? how many a times have these mediacork marquees been blaring out to the public about their *brand new* shows, something that is different that has never been shown before, A PREMIERE of sorts, but ended up with the same palette of items time and time again. i find watching sesame street is more knowledgeable and more indepth than these productions. i reckon the only *daring* bit that the show proclaimed were those *sek* scenes between the old apek and the women. so call want to try to invoke higher *ratings* lah and more *recognition* for trying to be different. what i can just say, that particular scene is damn disturbing, not because it comes to the edges of becoming soft porn, but seeing a semi naked old apek groping women is kind of disturbing. *better* sek scenes to bring in higher ratings does not include the one that was shown yesterday, if that was to be the intention all along.

so what’s next in the upcoming episodes? i reckon it will still be the same – same drama, scenarios and knee jerk endings without any sort of definative conclusions.


this morning, the news blared out about the bombings that affected amman. as usual, the delegates from countries that are not part of the *axis of evil* lead out by the bushwhacker, condemns these actions by proclamining it as barbaric and inhuman. oh, how diplomatick.

now, there was this travel documentary yesterday showcasing the country of laos. there was this segment that shows the viewer the atrocities of what the predecessors of the bushwhacked had done during the vietnam war. the us dumped 2 million tons, TWO MILLION TONS of bombs onto laos during that period of time. and why did they do so when the war is actually on the other side of the border? it seemed that the army had an excess of these bombs so they have just to discard them, as quoted by one of the residents. if that is not barbaric, i do not know what else is.

and why oh why, when they did these atrocities, no head of state is condemning it at all?

eh alamak, better stop skiving and back to work….


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