hard to kill

when i was young, VHS movies were the bomb! my dad would frequently bring back tapes from don’t know where and sometimes i will sneak out at night to watch. i don’t know much about that *thang* in those days, so somehow The VHS was the first gateway of sorts to all things good/bad/however you want to acknowledge it.

and boys being boys, i like to watch those action-packed movies. the ones with all those high flying, high kicking, chest thumping, testorone rising flicks. you know, like platoon lah, born on the 4th of july lah, hamburger hill lah, you know those kinds. and it just so happens that those late 80’s was the time when steven seagal was The Man. he, with the smooth aiiiii-keeee-doooh moves. he, who doesn’t break a sweat when thousand fists come flying in. he, who managed to snog those women but still give the same stare when got dunked. he, who speaks with a wispery voice but somehow injected fear onto his enemies. he, who went into coma, grew beard, fucked a nurse, stayed in the countryside, trained all by himself, fucked the nurse again and still have the appetite for some old school revenge.

man, he was The Man when i was wearing shorts to school.

but i didn’t realise the fascination over mr seagal (it’s a weird surname – ‘sea’ & ‘gal’), can have a major impact in my life. nope, i didn’t suddenly became a super cool aikido master – only yellow belt ka-ra-teh! – but i’ve developed something that is more distinctive of him.

i’ve developed the steven seagal hair! :this thing is a worth it. big, brawny, and…dah macam STORM. and big. and wow! now, if only february can come sooner.

baru bleh jadi playa-aah…

i think i should get a goat. so as to help this. inspired by this. embekkkkk.

ok, rant over.


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