kassim tak selamat

i just only realised, malays are vair dangerous people.

how so?

does it occur to anyone else that hari raya is the only celebration, here and around, which greets them with ‘selamat’ (safe/take care) – when from my understanding others celebrate theirs with the greetings of ‘happy’ or ‘merry’ or anything that has to do with the emotions of happiness.

now how did this come about eh? eh? eh? what happened actually in the beginning? who derived it to ‘selamat’ and not ‘meriah’ or ‘ceria’ or (for goodness sake’s) ‘riang ria’?

something must be really fishy in this malay language. so convenient hor they substitute one thing and just put it up as part of its grammar. such as, “eh orang apa tuh yang kat dalam hutan???” will ultimately be answered with “oh, itu orang hutan..” and same goes to the babi too. like, too convenient kan?

and speaking of these raya celebrations, imma kinda irritated tau when guests come in their busloads, hogged the house for hours, not moving much to help around…you get the picture. next year if these convoys come about, i’ll designate a ticket for them to not overextend their stay and rationised their food consumption.


maybe that’s why they greet with ‘selamat’ to take care of events like these…

eh ada gambar lah. dari slogan aziz cool (hyuk!) – “simple ajer”.

normally yang orang kena amik gambar kan yang malu, ni yang si photographer plak yang malu. apa nak jadi ngan hang pun tak tau.



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