tykes of hazard

the people from this organisation must really, really and i mean really try their best to sell their ideas to cik dol.

it is a common knowledge that cik dol and little tykes don’t go well together. cik dol freaks out when sees one, and has intentions to choke on those who cry loudly. or talk loudly. or just blardy irritating.

sometimes cik dol wonders what will happen if – and it’s a big IF – cik dol does have a little devil.

but like they say, the more u try to avoid ’em, the more it’ll come back to haunt you. so everywhere cik dol goes, walks, sits, rests or whatever activity that cik dol intends to do, tykes of every kind will appear from out of nowhere. sigur rosz reminded cik dol that this is his retribution for hating them so much.

which is why now the exact reason why cik dol happily brought himself to work – just to bring him an excuse to not be at home trying to keep himself hold from pouring that hot sambal goreng on anyone’s child.

but here is the ironic part.

his workplace handles a lot of little tykes.

life, oh, life.


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