salaaaaaaaaammmmm bombay!

the past 2 days with nothing much to do, i plonked myself infront of the telly (what’s new) and immersed myself in indian-themed shows.

i love that monsoon wedding. vair nice, vair colorful. or just maybe the punjabi chicks are just hot, hot, hot.

and that bend it like beckham kind of kicks ass. i still remember the first time i watched it. somewhere in bukit panjang. no wait, i think i watched it only for the first 15 minutes. heh. oh, how time flies then.

so, 2 shows in a matter of days. then i thought, why not make it a triple threat.

with this.

If you have a lot of chest hair,
Show it like a FOB*,
Immigration coming to get you,
Marry like a FOB,

I’ve got the champals on my feet,
when im walking down the street,
and I make the best saag**,
when I want something to eat

I am a nice FOB,
I work in the IT***,
When you call tech support,
You will get me.

I am a bachelor,
And I work hard,
Come and marry me
So I can get the Green-card.

White people, they can’t understand me,
Their jobs are now in New Delhi.

* FOB, Freshly Off the Boat, aka. newly arrived immigrants.
** Saag (or Sag), an Indian spinach dish.
*** IT, information technology.

but hell, if that cracks me up, this one is the motherload.

from tian.

last day of ramadhan, and yeah, everything is still the same. this HAS to be the most un-profilic one, ever.

oh well, hope liverpool’s gonna nick it later.


3 thoughts on “salaaaaaaaaammmmm bombay!

  1. eh hello dil.

    apa dah, banyak lu punya big fan of fiona apple. satu lagu jek ada.

    anyways. eye suka dgn clip asian boys tu. very the funny sey.

    ok. selamat hari raya.jgn makan banyak sangat, nanti boleh dapat indigestion.

    serious, tak bedek.–>

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