secret meeting

i feel bad.

i didn’t realise that raya will be next week. did not feel any anticipation at all. and i do not intend to do any visiting unless i’m pointed with a dagger.

(i think my dad will be inclined to use his keris though.)

why leh i feel like this one? maybe because i’ve found the preparations for raya to be over-rated. maybe because exams are held soon after the day of raya. maybe because i’ve been too pre-occupied with work or/and online shopping. maybe because i don’t feel like it for any cause of ‘celebrations’.

or maybe because the energy has been dissipated for the anticipation of this.

i think i should get a grip. it’s getting rather too numb.


One thought on “secret meeting

  1. Apa pasal tak cakap siang-siang? Aku pi buang semua collection aku yang penuh 2 drawers.

    If not i would hv given em 2 u for free since u r so into it for now…

    Cheers and nice writes there,

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