a song for everyone

i still remember 1992.

that was when asia bagus was hip, michael vana was striking goals, peter schmeichel wore a vair colorful jersey to win the euro..

…and mtv made its first foray to singapore waters. there were those times when mtv were shown on free to air channels and me as a vair docile teen-anger, cling on the telly to worship nadya, mike and jamie.

i (think) still rem those videos. first time watching it mah, after so long hearing about it. so definately can roughly guessed kan. rhcp and nirvana was hot, mj starts to act weird, boys II men are still cool…

..and michael bolton still lingers with long hair.

he, the one who sings with a voice that wants to berak. he, the one whose hair redefines what curly hair is meant to be. he, who sings songs like this…

All I wanna dois touch you, baby
Touch you very soul insideof you
Oooh and I need to feel the heart of you
I need to reach the very deepest part of you
Oh, let me be the one to show you
Just what love can do
Come on, baby, come on

– can i touch you…there?

…AND can still avoid authorities and censorship. how this dude does it i don’t know and probably will never at all. though in this age of public security and keeping uptight on issues of the heart and mind, i’m not sure if the authority will back down when he performs here.

maybe the authorities will be touched.



One thought on “a song for everyone

  1. eh si mb mak aku nyer fave la…hari2 dia main cd dia pun aku leh hafal lagu dia sumer. will buy for her the tix n go wif her to the concert

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