nightmare at siglap

i had the weirdest dream last night.

i was waiting for a bus along siglap road going towards east coast when 2 person sat next to me in shimmery white and frightening smiles.

and who might them be? well, if it is not mr mah bow tan…

freddy has a new enemy

…and yeo chow tong.

mebbe it’s because of the dream portal

i was like, wtf are they doing IN my dream?! i don’t fantasize them, and perhaps besides lil’ bow, i don’t even know what is his designation after the numerous movements within the cabinet.

could this be a sign? a sign to say that they are “watching” me? maybe the gahmen is experimenting to do an investigation beyond virtual and more into the soul system to track on its citizens. hmmmm…sounds like minority report.

well, but whatever it is i am still trying to reconfigure why i was at siglap in the first place. though it is not beyond fact that lots of svelte perky living things resides there….



6 thoughts on “nightmare at siglap

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