oh no, mr dol does it again…

i would not want to get involve in another malay-are-we-there-yet debate, but sometimes this fire just won’t be put off.

this fasting month, i know everyone WILL visit geylang and do the shebang. and i know there WILL be parts of our society, mainly youths, who will make their appeareances to the public. you know the ones who sits at the sidewalks with tatoos, walk in groups and shouting without any inhabitions, creating a scene. i guess you know what i am talking about.

they say these youths are a sham. they pinpointed these delinquents are the bad seeds of our society. they proclaim these youths are destroying our image as a society who are deemed as gracious and well-mannerred.

now i’ll say it’s got a point. but to say that these youths will create a bad image on the malays somehow creates a sore thumb-who-may-need-a-sweater(registered to bedok reservoir) in my judgement book.

if the malays, or whatever lah they want to call themselevs (sometimes jawa, boyan or those halves and quarters who doesn’t want to admit themselves malay but had enjoyed a school life of free education), want to criticise these youths then they have to look back at themselves. like, totally. now for all we know, lots of people visit there mostly at nights and if i want to put this matter on a bigger scheme of things, why are they there in the first place? isn’t it better a place to not visit it in the first place and to rather do the terawihs or whatever readings and not walking around the bazaar looking for that carpet, or beddings, or that new piece of clothings, or worse…food?

i find it sometimes ironical for us malay people to say that loud after buka and then observes these youths and proclaims these people are supposed to be ashame of themselves when their only priority is to get a table to sit down at their favourite food place while prayers are being blared upon. and i can tell you that counts to a LOT of people.

i am not religious. i do indulge to my desires, and probably i may end up nowhere. but during fasting months, it usually brings upon this thing in me to observe our society, the good and mostly bad things.

if people generalizes that these youths are showing a bad example to our society, then can i also generalize that the people at the bazaar on the whole who are honking, and walking, and bargaining from 7pm till 1030pm are also a sham to our society because it is clearly stated from sermons that this is the time of the year to do your *thang* to him? people may argue that these people are finding income and also doing preparations, but hey it’s not a perfect world ain’t it? everyone generalizes, so can i.

my sole point is, let those kids do their thing. only their concience can shake them off. even if they don’t have, well, just leave them alone. the next best thing, just don’t go to geylang at all. and if you are ashamed that these kids are tarnishing the “squeky clean” malay image, why not you just go up to their faces and hit them on their heads with your brand new bazaar purchase, or with that ayam percik. of course after putting down your gucci handbags or those designer togs.

and i am not surprise in regards to the TAA meagre collection so far. i have not donated to them for, let’s see, the past 10 years? and why you may ask? i’m a scrooge? partly, but also partly the reason being i don’t like donations who parades itself into a glamorised entity in the hope of bringing in more money. mass campaigning, opening spotlight blarings are not what donations supposed to be. let’s go back to the early days when it was first started up when there was no hysteria in this TAA thing. people will donate until this conglomerate that is them will subside and focus on its main issue. publicity can only get donations so much, but desire to actually help is another.


5 thoughts on “oh no, mr dol does it again…

  1. Hey there..was blog hopping when I read your entry. Brilliant one. I completely agree. I don’t think there is a difference between the so called baik pakciks and makciks thronging geylang after twilight and the bad ass kids who dress indecently/make out/flaunt tattoos all over geylang. It’s sad. Usual double standards. Usual degradation of malay society. Bah!

  2. gua pun malas nak pegi geylang serai, takde benda nak beli pn baik pegi masjid kan kan kan? 🙂

    ada pulak pakcik2 kita ni, puasa puasa jugak, tapi Q tetap Q beb..apa sey..makcik2 pulak malam hari raya pegi countdown kat geylang, “harga runtuh”..

    TAA, oh sama dah lama tak “donate”, balik2 berapa banyak jer dorang distribute kat orang2 miskin, lagi satu this year collection kurang sebab banyak takde keje, ekonomi keluarga pun meleset. munkin ada yg ragu2 sebab kes NKF…entah lah

  3. yes ayah pin…..

    and zethrop, it’s a bit ironic. i’m degrading those who degrades them. so how eh? like full circle right?

    and morakimo, i didn’t perform the terawihs this year because i’m hooked with downloading dvds.

    and lastly, my box’s edges disintergrated owedi…

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