when busy, try shopping

commercialism is the root of all that’s evil.

it drives people crazy, senseless and filled them up with greed.

and this purchasing power has made people to be nullified zombies in an arena full of stocks and jocks.

so mr dol had come to a conclusion then, or a decision to ponder for a long long time…

……..should he get his empire’s new clothes from APC or/and Nudie?

haizzz…decision, decisions. if only mr dol could get hold on all of them. that’ll make mr dol vair happy. APC makes the most outstanding denim cut and finish this planet earth has to give. and Nudie has the most sickest and dopest denim threads there is.

*oh no got one more. sugarcanes.

// mr dol suddenly realised too after the past few posts he had became somewhat of a out-of-control freak. -help!-


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