everybody hates work

when people said that work and study does not equate to a very favourable equation, i did not take their heed.

and now that it only happened, i come to realise how true that warning was. my side is complete with a mess. i do not know which to prioritise. one moment is the work thats scheduled to be done, the next is the school assignment that needs to be completed. time moves so fast the next thing you realised is the epitome question of “How, have you completed IT?” being asked. what a bummer.

i hate that. it seems that i dont have much time for myself. assignments, exams, training, updating, maintenence issues keeps running all over my head. *na, na, na…*

i need a rest. i need my 12 hour sleeps. i need some reprieve.

and sometimes i need good entertainment.

which comes to my excitement and gratefulness that internet TV has given me a hell of a good show in “Everybody Hates Chris” – a show based on the childhood of comedian chris rock. it’s good i tell ya, a combination of the wonder years and cosby show. i love the wonder years (only when fred savage still looks 12 and havent broken his voice) and the cosby show (only when bill was wearing normal sweatshirts, jamal was still not an angst person and when lisa bonet appeared on screen). those are but 2 of the shows that i grew up with.

so burn up your torrents everybody and load up your EHC to your PCs. it’s worth it, but if you don’t want someone to knock on your door because of it, you can contact mr dol and order the shows. he charges $12 per disc. *_*

rant over.


3 thoughts on “everybody hates work

  1. Work Vs Study.

    Yup Ive gone thru that and it didnt work out as expected..so i’d to make a choice then..

    and whatever option you choose dont look back in anger..wonderwalll… *eh dah melalut*

    dato m

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