i read in the BH a few days ago regarding an article by a columnist in suggesting that the term malay/muslim be replaced with just malay.

quite brilliant i say. whoever thought and initiate the term malay/muslim applies in the first place? as to my suggestion race and religion shouldn’t be identified together.

now as suspected, all those kepo ccb people will always get pricked when issues concerning the religion gets around. BLASPHEMY! they shouted. how am i not surprised too when these people will shake their head, spew/type in all the different religious passages, proclaims god will disown the perpetrator for his/her actions.

now i’ve to say this to these people: what right do you have to cruxify someone who commented something on some religious issues? it’s the least of blasphemous from what i’ve read. in fact i dont see nothing at all, unless the mind is so blardy narrow till they can’t view it on a broader scheme of things. so they think they are the messiah and they have a role to pin point these people so that they can be shown the light? what utter crap i’ll say.

to question the purpose and intents is better than just follow as what has been instructed. in this case i’ve told liy what i will tell to these people – i rather go to hell than to heaven with these people.


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  1. interesting entry albeit childish and passe in delivery. but i get your drift, i think. i dunt wana comment abt the issue per se but rather, the delivery of such an issue. it’s best u dunt use the “crucifying” tone urself.

  2. Lantak kaulah Sarip.Apa kau nak tulis ,kau tulis. Yg penting kau dapat meluahkan perasaan isi hati kau yg terselindung disebalik sanubari…Ini buka makan apa?

  3. anonymous, i agree its a bit passe. and i do admit my command of english is not substantive enough. but sometimes, emotions can delude this own sensibilities. but i really do accept constructive feedback. thanks.

    and kepada u ayah pin, saya tidak tau apa resolusi anda. tetapi pada pandangan saya anda terlalu banyak masa bermesej kepada ramai orang dengan komentar2 anda.

    untuk pengetahuan anda, ayah pin adalah berita yang telah mundur di prinsipal saya.

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