i’ll believe in anything

which one is more shocking eh, as in you will never suspected that it would happened?

a) bali bombings
b) fuck lah liverpool lost or
c) paris and paris called off engagement

now lets analyse a bit.

for me i dont think the bali bombings come as a surprise. it’s vair fragile there. i don’t know what the heck the security people are doing there. you are in the most fucking hotspot in the whole of indon, surely they must have done something about it right? the point here is at least something. and it’s not definately not surprising to find the leaders to make press conferences to condemn these actions, and not forgetting our muslim leaders too here in pura pura land. the only positive side of this is that people will be deterred (hopefully) from going there for their ‘happening’ holidays and thus there will be less pictures uploaded onto whatever webspace there are to be viewed at.

liverpool lost. damn chee bey. i don’t know if its a curse or not for pool to perform vair poorly in the epl. come on papa rafa, let’s change with the one striker policy to 2, please? i still have faith in you.

now to me the most shocking news of the past few days definately has to be the paris story. -shrieks!- what is wrong with you mr dol i might here u scream. but lemme point out to all of you how shocking this news is if you click here.

anyway, the bazaar has already been erected. people are already pursuing their preparations, i think. damn tulan right.

but as always, mr dol has a slight issue concerning the fasting month.

whats the deal with people getting excited with the so call ‘iftar’ thing? only recently did i hear regarding this term for all i knew it was always term as ‘buka’. wow, millenium kicks in, arab culture and periperals had also kicked in? the point is iftar or buka, why are they excited about it? how different is it to do it before and after the fasting month? the food suddenly got better? or is it just an excuse for doing it with a lot of other people?

“mak niari nak kluar malam.”
“hah!? apa?! kau nak pergi mana!?”
“nak iftar mak..”
“ohhh..ok ok baik. jaga diri baik baik.”

now i can just imagine people giving me snobs in regards for this declaration. people will argue that iftaring during the holy month is different and shouldn’t be condemned.

but in hindsight kan, for what i know, the basis of whatever you want to call it is to break fast together, join in the prayers, and all those things lah. but from what i’ve knew most of their activity just involves, erm, eating. so lemme declare this again, how different is iftaring in this current context and eating together with a group of people? if people get excited of iftaring solely on the basis of eating together, i say – it’s just a whole lotta crap. the point here is changing a name to another one in reference to be more religious does not change the fact it is still the same activity.

so why change the name then?


7 thoughts on “i’ll believe in anything

  1. the term melayu baru is non-sensical and downright stupid. don’t think malays are good in the first place.

    you being critical of someone else’s habits and actions and then commenting it to others is one but of a traditional malay trait btw. so shld i label u then as melayu lama?

    we all have flaws. the worst are those who don’t admit they have flaws.

    so as what paul mcartney had said, “let it be..”

  2. seperti org kater, eratkan silaturahim. so sembahyang together, buker same same.
    its not really, a matter of tukar buker kepada iftar.
    iftar tu, pergi mkn buke ramai ramai di masjid ataupun keramaian.
    buke tu buke lah.
    mcm sembahyang dgn sembahayang jemaah.
    i doubt ppl sengaje pakai iftar in the name of nak sound more religious.
    u cud say angakt air sembahyang, or u cud use the real word, wuduk.
    so if u tak rase selesa use iftar, den ckp lah ngan ur mom

    “mak niari nak kluar malam.”
    “hah!? apa?! kau nak pergi mana!?”
    “nak nak pi buke ramai ramai pat masjid ke keraimaian,pastu nak sembahyang ramai ramai mak..”
    “ohhh..ok ok baik. jaga diri baik baik.”
    buat lah gitu, kalau air liur kau masih berlambak, dah nak senja hari

    aniway, slamat berpuase.
    oh pompuan tu…bukan melayu baru, melayu yang tak sedar diri..:D

  3. haifsan, memang benar pendapat anda. tetapi segelintir menggunakan perkataan seperti begitu untuk mengubahsuai citarasa mereka sendiri.

    ia bukan kritikan, tetapi perkara ini telah berleluasa pada masa ini. menggunakan entiti ugama untuk kegunaan lain. cuba anda bayangkan sendiri.

    tetapi apakandaya, kaum melayu sering tidak boleh menerima komentar terhadap kaum ini sendiri. mereka hanya mahu membutarkan perkara yang suci dan menoleh arah pabila sesuatu yang tidak boleh diterima berlaku dan selepas ia berlaku 10 ataupun 20 tahun kemudian baru mereka tersedar akannya.

  4. dan atas kritikan kepada gadis yang dirujuk, biarkan lah beliau hidup dalam arenanya tersendiri.

    baik ataupun bagus pun akhlak mereka, BH akan selalu mempamerkan “ahli kaum” melayu yang terbukti berkemampuan dalam utusan mereka.

    alangkah ironisnya begitu? kami sering memuji kepada mereka yang mempunyai kemajuan yang tinggi tetapi pabila mendapat tahu hal hidup mereka, kami akan terus mencemarkan nama mereka.–>

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