sometimes, i visit other blogs. and today, i happened to visit morakimo’s. now this guy is the dope. i find his life and surroundings macam damn happening – working at kl, got cut an album and quite knowledgeable.

one of the comments reflected that he was featured in anakmelayu.com. and so the kepo me go over to the site to, erm, kepo kepo.

until now i find anakmelayu.com a bit funny in a sense. no, i am not trying to put down the efforts of its editors, quite commendable to manage a site, but sometimes it’s contents just baffled me. this is where all the bradder bradder shiok sendiri and kakak kakak tak sedar diri posts up their pictures and seek for ‘greener’ pastures.

damn happening i kid you not.

now take a look at hensem gila. this is the classic idea of ‘dah giler sampai tak sedar diri’. maybe, just maybe, it was put up to provide some tongue in cheek.

and then the header makes me more baffled.

now this is THE atypical of the young malay adults. party hard, but remembers god. someone should write a thesis on this engima.

now i don’t know whether to laugh or to cry in witnessing that. i acknowledge myself that i am a mat. very mat in fact. and i don’t regularly do the 5 times a day prayers. but seriously lah beb, this anakmelayu.com sometimes take the cake lah. it summarises what the malays are to the neather world: damn buay song, only finds r&b heh-heh-pening, bad makeup, mats acting up to be blacks….you get the drift.

so what should i and the rest of the mats and minahs do?

relek sua ah.


10 thoughts on “happening!

  1. seriously, i only go to that Anekmelayu site for some good laff. What do you call them… ‘Muka Seposen’…? The sort who don’t hesitate to promote themselves shamelessly..

    yeah, and those 2 banners DO contradict. It’s like, “Enjoy today, Repent tomorrow”. Thanks for highlighting that. Hope someone gets the drift and do something….

  2. aiseh bro, my life taklah happening sangat, not werking in KL yet.

    tapi itulah dorang punya ad tak bole angkat! kira syiok sendiri..ha ha. tapi itulah “real” Anak Melayu..apa nak buat..dah sapu bawah karpet pun tak boleh..terima ajelah..


  3. hhmmm.. abt the ad thingy.. i guess the ad pays for their hosting and expenses. honestly i’m not really bothered. Take a look at other publications and malay tabloids and they advertise chat lines, dangdut clubs, etc etc too. What do u think goes on in those chatlines? Syarahan? Kutbah Jumaat? The good thing is that the websites/publications takes the money from ill reputed businesses and finances well-meaning intentions… lets face it, malays have been going to clubs even before AM existed, even in the fasting month. u know it and i know it..

    juz my 2 cents worth 🙂

  4. “lets face it, malays have been going to clubs even before AM existed, even in the fasting month. u know it and i know it..”

    budak budak zaman sekarang…ish ish..hhehehe

    btw,..nice blog.

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