these mice are made for clicking

in lieu with the current state of internet / blogging crisis, pura pura land will initiate a task force to be set up to curb any unpleasant remarks that can be published and read by the public. the new task force will be called ministry of clicks, with the motive of “everything that’s been clicked must click with the clickets.” the commitee will set guidelines to assist and advise wannabee clickers so as to avoid any unneccessary 3 days suspension from school or being litigated under the Sedated law.

the committee will be headed by a very sedated member to oversee the situation.

“pura pura land people must be vair uptight. we must be pure. pure like white, see my shirt and pants but no belt? we must potray to the world that we don’t swear, we don’t spew bad sentiments, we don’t speak of anything else other than “yes”, “right”, and “ok” unless being given permission by your big daddy. with the setting up of this committee, incidents like those school children who has vair uptight principles and do not want to tarnish their so call squeky image won’t happen again. though iran and china cannot curb their people to stop clicking unauthorised materials, we at this commitee will strive our best to achieve what has not been achievable before. we strive to be the best clicking nation in the world, virtual or not.” says the head of click ministry via his text message.

the ministry will have another session with the public to give awareness talks on how and when to click and the punishments if not advised. they will inform the public once they were given permission to click the mouse as soon as possible.

in other news, the daddy of pura pura land has initiated a superb idea to cultivate innovation on its people – giving out awards for establishments who produce original and useful products to the market.

“we, in pura pura land are very small in size, so we need more new things, more better things to be made by the berpura puraians for the berpura puraians. we need to have a niche market so as the world can identify the product to our company, eh, country. if apple can have ipod, we can make something like that too, only that we can tweak some ideas and proclaim our own. we innovate by salivate then concentrate on the populate to cultivate all traits by not giving hate. since we are small, thus we need to look at things in a smaller way to inspire this notion, just like giving out a science project to the best project whom we’ve seen over and over again.”

when asked by the media why pura pura are giving out so many awards on a repetitive subject, the daddy explained that since the pura pura does not have many good actors let alone films or tv shows, it is more feasible to give out these acting ya ya awards to the eligible ya ya papaya actors, erm, innovators.

also, today was the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the pura pura flyer.

the main intention for this technological marvel is to attract more tourists to visit and boost the land economy. this, on the assumption that 50% of these tourists don’t have a fear of heights and that they can actually see most stuffs from the air via the cable car.

the suggestion had derived from one of the innovation participants. this on the basis that london has one, pura pura must have one too. “we just tweak a bit, and tada! we have a winner!”.

as a precaution, if the attraction does not take off as expected prescriptive measures had been taken by the innovation department. they will tweak the idea and renamed it to the ‘pura pura failure’ all 200 million dollars and thousand acres of land just as what happened in the re-invention and renaming of marina bay to er, marina bay.


3 thoughts on “these mice are made for clicking

  1. Thank you for your response regarding the post. We agree with your concerns and appreciate the opportunity to clarify the issue.

    We, at kampungdusun, are generally lame in nature and nurture.

    We will continue to bore readers to death and bring great despair to them.


    Sarip Dol
    Sightseeing and Attractions

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