you, yes you, better listen to (suddenly new) law or else..

since pura pura land will be implementing the no smoke thing in the future, i as loyal servant to the land, will like to suggest a few more laws to commerate this joyful occasion. since i do have aspirations to don an all-white uniform, i would like to suggest a few more as suggested by the gahmen to cultivate vibrancy and ingenuity by its citizens.

so, in light of this, i would like to impose these:-

1. all citizens must change toothbrush every 3 months. if not applied, kena fine and front teeth kena pluck out ala oldboy.

2. all citizens cannot have sex until told to do so when scdf signal its unutilized alarm system. at least now they know those signals can be put to use. if not applied, future offspring kena enlisted to cd plus cannot book out.

3. all citizens can only perform oral sex if toothbrush had been changed. if not, kena wear chastity belt for 3 months.

4. all citizens can only eat at fast food restaurants once a month cos not vair healthy and will bring bad health. if not, kena work there in the midnight shift at the restaurant. and no dinner will be supplied.

5. those citizens who betrayed law no. 4 and became obese must reduce their weight as fast as possible. if cannot, they will be put up to shame in villa (mad)wellness.

6. all citizens not allowed to raise their arms on public transportations if never put deodorant. if not, kena substitute ah meng and be locked up for a week at the zoo.

7. all al-fresco restaurants will be banned because not healthy to eat in outdoor surroundings cos got air pollution exhumed by vehicles. if not applied, citizens will be asked to be deported to somewhere else where got no vehicles.

8. since the ban on smoking derives from the basis that it pollutes the air and is damaging to health, all motorcars, motorcycles, buses, lorries, factories that produce smoke, chemical foggings, burning paper money, aerosals and sprays, perfumes, air conditioners that emits carbon dioxide, coolants, generators, and anything that runs on diesel and petrol will be banned completely. if citizens not happy, go write a post in your blog.

these are only some of the items i will be forwarding to the “make pura pura land a better holistic place to live in” law commitee. i will be suggesting a few more when i suddenly realise i can restrict more lifestyle habits in the near future.

oh pura pura land..


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