today in pura pura land…

now i am not sure if this surprising news or not. just heard that the gahmen will impose a law not to have cigarettes in the pura pura land come 10 years time.


this, on top of the impending law where commuters can be charged to jail if they cheat on the bus fares. and not to forget residents will be charged too if they didn’t change their window grilles.

now, though i do somehow agree with the pura pura intentions for imposing these laws in the excuse of national interests and the sake of its citizens (alamak mr dol suddenly so pr ah?), but somehow it does leave a sour taste to realise how pitiful it is for these laws to be implemented in the first place. it does somehow asks everyone else what are reasonings behind the current situation – is it the pura pura’s fault for being overzealous in its authoritivenss like a strict father imposing on its children or the people who are either dumb, nonchalant, fucking stubborn and relatively fucking kaneenabuey chibais and thats why they need a strict father to control them?

at the rate things are going, i won’t be surprised if one day they will pass a law to charge people who wouldn’t change their toothbrush as a result for the goodness of their own sake.


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