tips tipsy tippy

tips on how to be a better killer (and not like this one):-

1. don’t dump body in a LARGE bag.

2. don’t dump body in a LARGE bag in a fucking BUSY place in the MIDDLE of the fucking afternoon.

3. don’t dump body in a BIG BLACK TROLLEY(?) bag and put it ALONG a road.

4. watch goodfellas MORE often.

5. buy a spade.

6. buy a LARGE spade.

7. buy the street directory and locate a place that is damn ulu.

8. buy an alarm clock and set the timer to 2 AM so can wake up and can go to ulu place without people noticing.

9. watch seven ONCE, if not you’ll be disappointed cos chingapore no have brad pitt as detectives since james lye had quit long time ago.

10. shopping and killing don’t go well together.

last i heard they’ve nabbed a suspect owedi. fuwahhhhhhhh. so fast one ah? same like that kallang river case. snap snap, suddenly one day later suspect kena nabbed owedi. how come ah so fast? last time takes days or sometimes weeks or sometimes never at all (like dat woman jogger case at bukit batok i think) for the cops to tangkap the suspect.

now P.A. showing CSI tapes a lot isit?

maybe so.


4 thoughts on “tips tipsy tippy

  1. hahahha…

    eh..singapore v diificult to get away with murder coz everycorner got cleaner clean longkang, sungai jalan yang ulu2 dump kat mana mana pun ada cleaner..

    hmmmm… u have to be a real CLEANER in that sense i guess to get away.

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