The exact reason why i would detest on getting an ipod.

it’ll be here, there and everywhere. those cutesy moronic girls and subconscious egoistic guys will all plunder and get this and will blare it out for everyone to see. oh puhleese.

ipod can go podah.


Chairman of the judges Simon Frith said: “It is the most extraordinary album. It doesn’t sound like anything else around. I don’t think anybody could be unmoved by it, which is what a Mercury record should be all about…”

prize rightly deserved


3 thoughts on “MMP2005

  1. If you …ahh …u see……….the matter of fact……ok … problem….uhhhhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhh..
    uhhhhhhhh.I’m speechless.Get urself a 4th generation ipod with itrip.u won’t be disappointed..8hr drive to Trengganu sounds so sweet.

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