the sisterhood of the travelling rants

sometimes i wonder why i ramble on too much – like expressing thoughts on matters that doesn’t affect me at all. like, wat made me bother so much? i should’ve the spirit of an honorable man (or something like dat), someone who defines masculinity, someone who indulges in *men* activities. not someone who takes into accounts of other people’s business and affaciandos and rant it over. or fall into reclusive compoundness whenever the mood swings by.

but no….i still indulge in those. but, why?!

and then it suddenly occurs to me, and which Air has frequently opinioned it to me, that i might be – HICK! – a feminite entity enhanced in masculinity complexity. (wah so cheem ah?!)

and to prove that point further, i love to watch girlie shows! goodness gracious me, how could this be?!

i watched the sisterhood of the travelling pants and i felt very fulfilled watching it. oh dear. wat masculine individual feels that way?!

i love the show. the pace is tight, the plot is believable, the casting (especially bridgette..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)is wonderful and the cinematography of the scenes changes accordingly to sense the mood. something like that lah.

but the buck doesn’t stop there. this person actually has films in his collection that has a genre dedicated exclusively to chick flicks. mean girls, little women, the joy luck club, divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood, maria full of grace, working girl et all…he loves them all. thoroughly.

goodness, scary mary.


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