a thing called fast love

i have to get this off my chest, fast.

called me anything, but i do have this very sick feeling everytime a relationship that’s new is being declared out as their hope for tomorrow.

love is a culprit; declaring to strangers is a bigger crime. why are people so prone to put their hearts on their sleeves and declares the love when they won’t know or forsee what the future holds yet.

what irritates the hell out of me most is to realise people declaring the previous loves like there is no tomorrow as recently as when local soccer was still a big deal and then surprisingly further down the road the exact declaration was made to someone else.

now, if you put this into a mathematical equation, it does somehow comes out to this:

dim x as variant

person + x = love

variant x means it can apply to anyone who somehow can have the attributes that enables to provide love which in defination by owen wilson in wedding crashers is the point of balance or something of connectivity of something. i think.

in further thoughts, wouldn’t anyone will think what danger love possess? what is the value of love for a person if variant x can be adjusted to any entity that is available in this world? put yourself in the entity of variant x and you will know sooner or later how valuable it is. or not.

i still value the institution of love, and still am adamnant about it. but love should be discreet in the initial stages. how pure it is if the love declaration and hope is transferred from one to another in a short term of months? i’ve looked back and realised i did succumbed to it before and acknowledged how foolish and ignorant it was to trust the sentiments of fast love which has been defined by george michael as,

But if you’re looking for fastlove
If that’s love in your eyes
It’s more than enough
Had some bad luck
So fastlove is all that I’ve got on my mind

or to put it on a local context it is like that of a typical channel 5 local production that blurbs out mindless promotions but with little substance which will be forgotten by the 6th episode.

i’m being naggy, petty and pathetic by doing this but i just have to say this, put those feelings under the sheets for the moment and do not put it out so fast like he/she is the hope of all ages or else it’ll will just get cracked.

i will definately receive backlash regarding this post and they will point it out to me on how to reiterate the values mentioned. i’m open for it but before that happens, please instigate what was written and ponder for a moment. if still not happy, don’t whack me hor.

UNLESS of course if you are bloodninja `cos he rocks.


7 thoughts on “a thing called fast love

  1. is it me or u watch a lot of movies..
    i mean very recent movies.. that’s just.erm, amazing. its either u work at mda/behind the popcorn machine at gv or u’re a super-duper movie-enthusiast.

    aniwae, khairudin in cinta internet makes me cringe. ergh!!

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