eat the sun

i don’t understand national day. people get hyperactive all of the sudden, families in red and white stuttering along the roads, that irritating national song blaring everywhere everytime. feeling suddenly nationalistic has to be one of the best marketing swindlers in this age.

so to commemorate singapore’s national birthday, i came out from my closet and serve the nation in the best patriotic way – by getting out of the country.

and so i couldn’t take it anymore and left to somewhere near where a typical mat with little moolah can go – malaysia! it’s near, convenient and what more relevant place to be in terms of cultural history and signifigance. or something like that lah.

click pix to enlarge. heh.

we went to pulau tinggi, a place where singaporeans and crowds were non-existant, technology is dormant and tranquility in abundance. it’s way cheap too. (hurrah!)

the island was nice, staff were friendly, and because there were practically no one else in that side of the island, it practically belong to us. you can run naked over miles and miles of the beach and no one will report you to the authorities.

Pasir Panjang Beach

the island is a water nature park designated by the malaysian government. nature in its primary form is still in its abundance and activities are many. we went for a trek to the waterfall which unfortunately didn’t come to as expected as it is not the monsoon season. only have water flow, no have water fall. :
click pix to enlarge. heh.

the snorkelling at one of the mini islands surrounding pulau tinggi was nice, albeit a short time, non-season tide flow and me getting a nasty cut by the corals. ever the clumsy one.

basic amneties were, er, basic. there was no tv, phones, etc (you get the idea). unless you are a godamn urbanite-who-can’t-live-without-everything, it should be fine for those who wants to get out of the hustle and bustle and just lead a normal life with extreme privacy.

how to get there:
1. go to tanjung leman, a port 45 mins away from mersing, and book the ferry there.
2. ferry ride takes about an hour and leaves from tanjung leman around 2 or earlier if you’re lucky
3. there are only 2 resorts, prices are cheap and meals provided for all day.

some pointers:
1. the sandflies are very irritating. it sucks the blood in you and itches like hell. case in point – bring lots of whatever creams that you can think of to get rid of it.

2. the best times to visit the island is around may till july; weather should be clearer then.

3. the trek to the waterfall is quite difficult for some. slopes can be very steep and hazardous. it’s strange for the locals to not identify it for those going for the trek.

ok lah, got some more pixs.


9 thoughts on “eat the sun

  1. whoa. super nice.

    a cheaper substitute for tioman or even redang !

    it’s beautiful.

    and no other ppl buzzing ard. no crowd. no heeeuge family/ies crowding the beach.

    that’s simply errr .. heavenly ?

  2. the beach look REALLI niiiiiice! Reminds me a bit of Pulau Dayang, 4-5hrs off Mersing.
    The sand veri white the water veri clear, rite. May I know, all in all how much u spend for that trip?
    And…umm…. just how freaky are the nights considering that the place is pretti isolated..???

  3. hazmee: apa yang nice beb? nice.

    firah: yah, betoi tuh. sana takde makcik terpekik terlolong ataupun golongan meRayu eksen melebih. hmmm.

    ct: kita berbelanja budget giler nye. 200 sing – ferry, transport ngan dreber giler babi schumacher pun kalah (to and fro), lodging 3 hari, makanan 3x untuk tiga hari, snorkelling, trekking sama pergi dia nye muzium yang saya tak paham.

    ok kan? budget gilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nye beb.

  4. eh ada tempat2 lain yg leh bajet tak? sumwhere in asia…bajet max $400 ard 5 days… *macam la cik sarip ni tour agency eh! :p*

  5. 400 bucks u can do alot.

    if you are into scuba, best i guess with that amt u go to mersing directly and there are some contacts u can get from there for a minimum amount and time.

    if u just want to rilek and dont mind travelling 14 hours by bus, you head down to krabi and go island hopping there.

    if you wanna go shopping AND dont mind travelling in a bus for 4 days, go to bangkok lor…hehehe.

  6. i went there few years back w my girlfrens..4 of us n it was deserted oso..but had fun esp fishing at e jetty and snorkelling at one of e nearby pulau…kukus or kapas if i can remember..

    that time e laut off tinggi got a lot of sea urchins oso..mcm landmines

  7. is, they still exist!

    as for the fishes crowding the jetty, i dun noe y. padahal laut besar they still love to hang out at the jetty. ikan lepaks i presume.

    im not sure about kuku but i went to mentinggi. but we didnt manage to visit pulau goal. now that’s a name for an island.

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