i like city of god, and movies by focus features has always been pretty outstanding.

and then there’ll be this.

i don’t know what i am raving about anyway. it’s getting rather dumb working for someone. i’m thinking of quitting soon and lay on my bed for months.

if possible, be a waterbear. life will be so simple if then.

that dude of secondholocaust is really creating a buzz which, inevitably, will make everyone irked and be excited of. i won’t care if racists appear online, the bigger criminals are those who actually read his/her tales. the author is but of one, but don’t all of us have a degree level of racism too? how many times have we not poked fun at indians and their language, or any form of minority and not of a unfamiliar race? though it may not be to the level of that author, still it mirrors some part of an image. i still find it’s amusing to notice some faithful responders to quote religious passages to reprimand the author.

all’s well end’s well. we just need to chill and watch more cool videos.


5 thoughts on “112317467701147121

  1. eh sarip..i read this somewhere..

    “it seems a lot of Singaporean bloggers use this swearword: “KNNBCCB”..

    knnbccb tu menatang apa laa?…

  2. fizah: i like to eat apple without the skin.

    ddot: knnbccb tuh binatang kucing naik nafsu bontot cair cuba bongkok

    anonymous: after stirring, can i put the butter?

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