when a person gets older,
everything will become stranger
when the world gets further,
it’s your age only people matter

being 27 doesnt bring changes
but something’s will come later
only now he covers matters
so as to keep it for the better

i’ve no money at this stage of life
but i don’t care for what is to strive
you can be a tai tai wanabee or a ceo in a company
but does it really matter, if it all ends in strife?

in this age what i want to be
just a lay low person for everyone to see
i’ve lost energy to be everything
so ive this to say – just be happy, whatever is there to be

happy birthday to me, and to you this 1st anniversary.


8 thoughts on “112282631850190942

  1. lynn: thanks.

    ayah pin: so apa diaorang buat untuk 35 tahun?

    mohd manic: I may be working overtime, But that don’t change this heart of mine – Jason Donovan

  2. hhmmm…sama befday dengan anak along yg sulung. Slmt Ulangtahun, sarip.

    Bagus kalau kita sentiasa mengingati mati…itu maknanya kita akan sentiasa ingat dan dekat pada Dia.
    Dan jgn kita lupa, mati boleh datang pada kita bila-bila masa saja yg Dia suka.

    Smlm pun along mimpikan kawan along yang dah pergi lebih 10 tahun dulu, dia nak bawa along pergi…agaknya masa along pun dah nak tiba ya…

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