kanye / sufjan

i didn’t do much after 3 today. but look, wat came out in the “My Received” folder.

heh heh heh.

king of current hip-hop against prince of melodica americana.

*scans around for a mr neubronner*


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Congratulations! all problems please contact the personnel mention.

mutherfuckers manuals.


mat on the moon!

would you believe,
malaysians going to the moon
going to the moon…
would you believe..
nasi lemak is the meal
with teh tarik as the deal..

going to the moon is a serious business
yeah yeah yeah yeah
going to the moon cant be taken lightly
yeah yeah yeah yeah
but whats the deal with the food you’re bringing
yeah yeah yeah yeah
this is not malaysia boleh baby
yeah yeah yeah yeah

hey andy, did you hear about this one?
they’re bringing the food to no man’s land
with astranouts cannot run in 20 minutes
are you having fun?

would you believe,
malaysians going to the moon
going to the moon…
would you believe..
nasi lemak is the meal
with teh tarik as the deal..


who gives hurricane names? andrew? katrina? ivan?

if it is that damn destructive, cannot give a meaner name ah?

like, *i’m a mutheerfucker big destroyer* hurricane. so next time when they look back at history they can recall, “oh that town was mutherfucked big time before.”

or whatabout *carl lewis’s wind*? better than katrina. who IS katrina??

on one weekend..

This year’s acts didn’t leave too much of an impression compared to last year’s. but one thing i’ve realised, the attendees are getting hotter than hot hot heat what with fort canning resembling a harem of luscious femme fetales. damn! it’s a buaya heaven i kid you not.

Apache Indian.wmv

totally, rad.


we spent a day at the park and try to eksen reading. padahal, padahal..

rally religion oba vendetta

1. every paper was headlining the dragon king’s rally battle cry. damn, he literally had the blue print written all over him – he was wearing blue for crying out loud. talk about stating the obvious, heh. and so bla bla bla, the papers were commenting about it, suddenly *new* singaporeans were extending their stories to coincide with dragon’s visions and the list goes on. that’s pretty normal.

there was this one particular article in yesterday’s paper however deemed to more *headliner* than dragon’s speech. a wonderful article written by mr john bradley commenting on the state of tolerency between every fucking one in this world. the significance of this piece of work, though there may be thousands more around, was that it not only points out the blardy obvious, but it shows how shallow most people are.

if you look around nowadays , muslim leaders are promoting messages by putting up banners in multi language forms to inform others about the state of the religion. my stand is that if more of these messages are being put afront – though however good the intention is – it can somehow generate different reactions from the irrational public. signs like these will only provoke more of these people from the outside and will perceive muslims as a community who has done wrong and pleading for leniency. you don’t see monks or rabbis or vicars come out to the public and apologise to the public for the causes of sars/bird flu/watever epidemic thats been created or the state of the mass genocide that befalls bosnians and palestineans. have us?

we have become puppets of this media frenzy and scapegoats for any issues that affects our normal lives. the the only way to smack these irrational people to shut up is to give them the facts and stamped it onto their mouths before they blurt out how *dangerous* our community is. every community and groups has their share of own good and bad, there’s no doubt about it. it is just how relevant and argumentative the mindless accusations are that involves the other party that prevails thereafter and how the matter is faced upon.

i do admire mr bradley’s article. it’s since been long until someone blurt it out to the singapore mass media.

2. my collegue pointed out that we have a very honourable member in our former school’s alumni. yes, we are the worst amongst all the all-boys school (in rankings, bleah), but then we can proclaim that he was amongst us. only in bartley that we can learn these tricks. hurrah!

3. i think my lecturer thinks i am very negative about the economic policy of singapore. he sneered when i replied *something* and i hope he won’t fail me or worst, label me as a dr csj wannabee. i detest that, csj is like a freak although he did sound quite logical in the recent pilot and jo show (those mats at pnj really werks.)

4. now children, the next time you do your alphabets, bear in mind that v stands for vendetta. you’re gonna need it young people, since you’re gonna be one of the first generations on this land to be born on the encouragement of your big, very big boss.

good luck to ya.

Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V For Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked vigilante known only as “V.” Incomparably charismatic and ferociously skilled in the art of combat and deception, V ignites a revolution when he detonates two London landmarks and takes over the government-controlled airwaves, urging his fellow citizens to rise up against tyranny and oppression. As Evey uncovers the truth about V’s mysterious background, she also discovers the truth about herself – and emerges as his unlikely ally in the culmination of his plot to bring freedom and justice back to a society fraught with cruelty and corruption.

sounds familiar, kids? click then.

rally preview

Since dragon king will be speaking the rally this sunday, i like to imagine that his advisors spruce up the event unlike years before by tackling some of these issues:-

1. why mediacork keep re-producing food roadshows with same concepts and hosts but different titles and promotes it like its a godamn new idea with the announcer announcing, “watch the premiere of *******”?

2. when will singapore mps show at least some form of emotions during parliament – like our counterparts in messia (case in point rafidah aziz – she cried, you!) – rather than sitting at the back and stoning to the oblivious attention of the camera.

3. how come vs is thinking of putting off its tradition to rest by going co-ed? is it an innovative conspiracy on your gahmen policy to curb gay recruitment drives in all-boys schools? fyi, if that is the intention you’ve selected the wrong one, it should’ve been st pats. *HYUK!*

4. do you think JTC will offer any more recruitment drives as a result of its caring and responsible board of directors whom allowed mr andrew kuan to stay for so long despite his alleged failings? or do you think you will enforced punishments to the board for being very back stabbing?

5. why ah this year no have singapore idol? is it because mediacork finally realised that the show is actually pretty crapful in the first place or singaporeans are actually crap in talent?

6. so who’s gonna be your 2nd vice pm or watever? have you contacted t2 durian regarding of that post?

7. since the gahmen like to change and draw electoral constituencies lines, are we going to have a national project wer residents can actually draw out their property lines as and when they feel like it?

8. will singapore be the world’s largest distributors of chalk/crayon as a result of the aforementioned campaign?

9. since pap and p. diddy/diddy/puff daddy have same characteristics in terms of changing goals and electoral boundaries, will the party change its name too? how about pp – party people. one lest syllable is easier to get closer to the people as proclaimed by p. diddy/puff daddy/diddy/puffy.

10. will i get defame for this?

but as things go, predictability will always rise. so i expect that:-

1. you will wear a long sleeve pink shirt. or red. or watever red in hue it can be.

2. you will talk about terrorism and the actions being taken.

3. you will talk about racial harmony.

4. you will talk about the progress that had made so far.

5. you will talk that we had made progress but then we have to be prepared for the worst.

6. you will talk about a funny story which people had heard before but then no matter how dull it can be, your audience will laugh.

7. you will raise one arm ala alan shearer when you arrive to the stage and when going off it.

8. you will keep the speech notes for next year.

and thus, i conclude.

the sisterhood of the travelling rants

sometimes i wonder why i ramble on too much – like expressing thoughts on matters that doesn’t affect me at all. like, wat made me bother so much? i should’ve the spirit of an honorable man (or something like dat), someone who defines masculinity, someone who indulges in *men* activities. not someone who takes into accounts of other people’s business and affaciandos and rant it over. or fall into reclusive compoundness whenever the mood swings by.

but no….i still indulge in those. but, why?!

and then it suddenly occurs to me, and which Air has frequently opinioned it to me, that i might be – HICK! – a feminite entity enhanced in masculinity complexity. (wah so cheem ah?!)

and to prove that point further, i love to watch girlie shows! goodness gracious me, how could this be?!

i watched the sisterhood of the travelling pants and i felt very fulfilled watching it. oh dear. wat masculine individual feels that way?!

i love the show. the pace is tight, the plot is believable, the casting (especially bridgette..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)is wonderful and the cinematography of the scenes changes accordingly to sense the mood. something like that lah.

but the buck doesn’t stop there. this person actually has films in his collection that has a genre dedicated exclusively to chick flicks. mean girls, little women, the joy luck club, divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood, maria full of grace, working girl et all…he loves them all. thoroughly.

goodness, scary mary.

a thing called fast love

i have to get this off my chest, fast.

called me anything, but i do have this very sick feeling everytime a relationship that’s new is being declared out as their hope for tomorrow.

love is a culprit; declaring to strangers is a bigger crime. why are people so prone to put their hearts on their sleeves and declares the love when they won’t know or forsee what the future holds yet.

what irritates the hell out of me most is to realise people declaring the previous loves like there is no tomorrow as recently as when local soccer was still a big deal and then surprisingly further down the road the exact declaration was made to someone else.

now, if you put this into a mathematical equation, it does somehow comes out to this:

dim x as variant

person + x = love

variant x means it can apply to anyone who somehow can have the attributes that enables to provide love which in defination by owen wilson in wedding crashers is the point of balance or something of connectivity of something. i think.

in further thoughts, wouldn’t anyone will think what danger love possess? what is the value of love for a person if variant x can be adjusted to any entity that is available in this world? put yourself in the entity of variant x and you will know sooner or later how valuable it is. or not.

i still value the institution of love, and still am adamnant about it. but love should be discreet in the initial stages. how pure it is if the love declaration and hope is transferred from one to another in a short term of months? i’ve looked back and realised i did succumbed to it before and acknowledged how foolish and ignorant it was to trust the sentiments of fast love which has been defined by george michael as,

But if you’re looking for fastlove
If that’s love in your eyes
It’s more than enough
Had some bad luck
So fastlove is all that I’ve got on my mind

or to put it on a local context it is like that of a typical channel 5 local production that blurbs out mindless promotions but with little substance which will be forgotten by the 6th episode.

i’m being naggy, petty and pathetic by doing this but i just have to say this, put those feelings under the sheets for the moment and do not put it out so fast like he/she is the hope of all ages or else it’ll will just get cracked.

i will definately receive backlash regarding this post and they will point it out to me on how to reiterate the values mentioned. i’m open for it but before that happens, please instigate what was written and ponder for a moment. if still not happy, don’t whack me hor.

UNLESS of course if you are bloodninja `cos he rocks.