the chest pains were becoming very unbearable yesterday. it felt like someone is squeezing the inner organs of mine like what robocop will do when he squashes a tin can.

it’s that bad.

i tried to rest and plonked on the keyboard, but it didn’t work well. and suddenly, i thought that ‘this is it. it’s time to go.’

funnily though dying young has been some sort of a conquest some people (ahem, includes me) aspire for (last time lah). all my heroes die young. or those really famous ones lah in my mind. cobain at 26, hendrix (i think) 26, joplin…26? what about van morrison eh? and let’s not forget james dean and jeff buckley.

legends die young. though i figured out they are referred to as legends because people won’t be able to see their apparent downfall when they age. macam marlon brando lah. but i think sarip dol doesn’t fall into any of that category.

but anyways, i went to the doctor. he inspected, press here, press there. alamak i tell u macam nak terpekik when he did that. it’s that damn painful sia. bla bla bla, and ive to go for another checkup next week. lo and behold….

…im still alive and smoking.

then again andy kauffman passed away when he’s 35. so let’s see.


5 thoughts on “112262909196949697

  1. You are one sick puppy. Sicker than I thought. It’s sad dying young. Don’t you wanna see armageddon happening while shahid ride the dragon?

  2. Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix both died at 27, not 26, but then again its still relativiely young so i guess it doesnt matter about ages, they were both young and a terrible loss for everyone…

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