British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Tuesday much of the world had dropped its guard after the initial shock of the September 11 attacks and urged that “not one inch” be given to terrorists. more.

hello mr prime minister of gb, or britain or whatever lah,

i would like to point it out to you that the world – of yours and your fellow cronies – had became much more paranoid after that event. as far as i can remember, i recall countless news footages of you and da cronies speaking vehemently for your crusade against i-don-noe-who.

to make a remark on this just makes me wonder somehow if have you been diagnosed with some sort of dyspraxia or too excited because you assumed the public still adores you or you are just plainly ignorant because of the fact that you don’t have a single clue as to what is going on and why so in the first place?

minorities are becoming scapegoats in your zeolous pursuit of popular votes and power. looking at your comments just made me think whether margaret thatcher was that bad after all.

so now go and do more press conferences, and indulge in these stereotypical comments. you know the media loves you with that suave and boyish demeanour.

or else that shahid dude will get very angry.


8 thoughts on “112239627188418164

  1. Oh Allah, let the infidels fight each other, and dry their blood in their veins. Send Your soldiers against them; Allah, shake the ground under their feet; Allah, destroy their fleet and their weapons; fight their soldiers; Allah, and plant fear in them; Oh Allah, confuse their words; Allah, make them prey to the Muslims… Allah Akbar to America, Allah Akbar to Britain… Oh Allah do not let the Jews or the Crusaders overcome the Muslims… Allah, help the Jihad warriors everywhere… Oh Allah, for Thee we fight, we kill and are killed. Allah Will Settle His account with you, bush! Allah Will Settle His account with you, ariel sharon … Our dead for the cause of Allah are Shuhada [martyrs] in paradise, while their dead are in hell… Allah, support the leader of the monotheists, the President, the Jihad warrior in the victorious- with the help of Allah- Osama bin Laden… hold his hand towards a crushing victory, that will realize the Muslims’ might…


  2. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence that is why you can see many biddhist chinese, hindus, christians who escaped from prosecution by their Own people took refuge in Islamic countries. Some are grateful and some are not. They were welcome and no Muslims have ever cut their throat or chop their hands when the landed. But when these people try or started to take advantage of the Muslims hospitality and engage in covert operation to conquer Islam. It is a Religious Duty for All Muslims to defend themselves, their property their family from these aggressors. But prejudice dies Hard as the media is turning against Islam. No matter what it is We are Muslims ande We are not coward. We are not chinese, Arabs, Malays, Indian or anthing But we are Muslims. If you Kill our sisters, brothers or families We are to defend ourselves and Take Revenge. You come in Peace, Peace Shall you get. So remember We are not cowards that Any country like USA and its Allies can play or fool around. Maybe China, India or other Non Muslim States will submit to Them but not Muslims.

  3. Cakap apa guna
    Tembak tara kena
    Kalau hang berani pergilah Irak
    Halau Owang Emerika
    Hang kata hang teror,
    hang pi lah….

  4. sarip, sejak bila org-org arab bersatu turut serta baca blogmu?! Hebat! Hebat mu ni sarip! Along orait with watever he says cuma satu je…bila dia kata, “If you Kill our sisters, brothers or families We are to defend ourselves and Take Revenge.”

    Huh?! Sejak bila pulak Islam ni suruh kita balas membalas, dendam mendendam? Mazhab mana dia pakai? hhhmmmm…….

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