now is it me or that advert for the apperentice has bartley’s school song playing in the background? which one? the one where the advert shows the lightbulbs with the degree in electricity or bla bla bla..

and the weird thing is, i was singing to the school song after the advert finished. facta non verba beb.

speaking of which, i don’t forsee how channel 5 / The One With The Hair can come out with the idea whereby degree holders are book smarts and diplomas are street smarts. now who came out with that? i knew some who attain degs and are very street savvy (but not smartly bookish) and dips people who are book smart, but well a geek. generalisations are an easy way out i guess.

so in this scenario i want to generalise that most nkf staff are either
a) ding dong bats
b) kena sampuk
c) being held hostage
d) have to eat kidneys

after much of the hubrah rah rah, those people are still behind The Durai Who Has Bee Turbanised. (go davinder!) i wonder what they have on their sleeves declaring their upmost support for him who has revealed whatever discrepencies to the public.

a) those who curry favour the boss most will get more bonus.
b) will get to be his favourite worker of the month. he is that lonely u know on the 12th floor with little people to talk too.
c) will possess that ultimate gold plated tap. rare edition, it’s going to be a singapore icon and replace the merlion. soon.

and talking of which, what the fuck is “hang turi”?!

i know about hang tuah, jebat, lekiu and heck even hang kebun. but hang turi?!

it might be a case either the vandal is:-
a) graffiti artist tak menjadi who happens to be a chink
b) a dyslexic graffiti artist who yang tak menjadi
c) terrorist who suddenly happens to realise he has lots of spray cans.
d) the jilted plumber

rant over.


5 thoughts on “112131635515504789

  1. HAHA i was wondering the same bout the HANG TURI thing, but if u have read today’s paper, its actually…. “Hang Turi”, meaning “Gantung Turi (Mr Durai la deyyy) hahaha

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