the ongoing case of that nkf’s ceo leaves me in a dilemma lah. because of this, nwos will be scrutinised and because of that i can hear my career spiralling down the drain.

non charitable organisations are foreseen as establishments to help the needy and those in need. the pursue of social work is deemed as ‘filial’ and should be held in high regard as for the contributions to the community and not to oneself. thus any profits will be channelled to any avenues for supplementing this idea.

but take look lah dei. who in their minds wants to work for these type of organisations? any self-processed young person eager to strive in this world will immediately reject the notion of working with one, simply because of the measely pay. i, for one am working for one (just says how eager i am to strive in this world) and am suffering for this lack of monetory supply while others are earning twice as much doing similar jobs as me. and yet, i don’t feel this gratitude of serving (so call) to the community. heck, i doubt the community even bothers about us.

nwos will always sit on a double edged sword. they can’t earn much but then as of this reason they can’t move rapidly to help those in need. how do we convince these mata putih singaporeans to vapourise any ill-sentiments and negativities? i don’t think tofik can sing at every nwo functions to pursue the public interests.

so what now? i guess the answer is simple. knock the head of every blardy kuniangs out there and make their eyes open big big. glamourise it and make it as a career choice so those blardy aunties and makciks and acis will pester their children to pursue this line. simple innit? more acceptence comes more….money? and less…prejudice? i wish.

but then is t t durai really blardy samdol lah. because of him now, i don’t think i will get any more (well deserved ahem, ahem) payrise. how the fuck he could customise a $900 plus tap baffles me to the drain. i dont think sim seong choon has that. but then, people should’ve realised nkf is one blardy dodgy organisation long ago anyway and yet they are still mesmerised by their plead. just shows how kuniangs our people are. most. i never say all. so don’t sue me ok. even if u are thinking i say it’s true wat. eh but then former pm wife is one of my board members. skali she read this i kena potong kepala. die die like that.

better take mc tomorrow.


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