i dont understand tom cruise.

he acts, weird. everytime he starts to shout and/or gets angry, he seems to be letting out spasms and fake in certain aspects. like that scene in a few good men when he starts to shout at jack nicholson, or that dialogue from jerry maguire or those cries in born on the fourth of july. and yes, that shout in war of the worlds too.

it just seemed, phoney.

and it just gets weirder. i realised, suddenly, most of my film collections has him innit. peculiar i find that, but i like those movies. i like:-

1. magnolia
2. vanilla sky
3. jerry maguire
4. minority report
5. rain man
6. collateral
7. born on the 4th of july and of course, the best of the lot
8. the last samurai

then i suddenly realised, i am tom cruise’s closet fan.

oh darn it.

and yes, sin city is gory. and that miho…oh hubba hubba. that fella screwed all the male hormones in me to hyper overdrive.



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