for the record, i stood – yes stood – for 4 hours and plus. and all i had was a stare from him, a sneer remark from a lady, lots of sweat and crumbling knees.

all for an autograph. how pathethic this life can be, yea?

that’s why i love to read, sense, indulge in daily struggles. you know, to compensate myself that i ‘may’ not be alone leading a tragicomedy life. ya know what i mean?

and that is why too i love to see movies like crash. so real one. so dramatic. and got don cheadle some more. he good i tell you. all his films i saw him (ocean’s 11, hamburger hill, traffic, boogie nights, hotel rwanda)he acting very intense one.

just like my muther-intense-watching-indonesian drama on thursday nights. she actually shouted at the screen pasal not happy with the character.

so weird one this family.


4 thoughts on “112075053348977317

  1. indon drama on thurs nights! Dia II! ur family not weird one….my family also liddat…push us to our limits, and we will smash our tv screen out of anger for evil character n stupid victim.

  2. I did the same thing when I was 16. Waited for hours. He marked Death’s nipple on the cover of one of my comics. it was worth it (back then ).

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