i don’t have cable.

my dad has this amazing theory that if we do install cable tv in our home, he’ll miss his favourite buletin utama on tv3. i’ve tried to reason it out with him, but it’s just impossible.

so it just come into my knowledge that a lot of my collegues and people were raving to me about live 8 which happened last weekend. oh, live 8.

(ok this is the regular part where mr dol gets his daily dose of always-not-happy syndrome)

all of them were worshipping to the fact its one of the best gigs ever held. it was praised with the knowledge that it wwa held for a noble cause, to help and strike off poverty in africa. major acts, major artists, all at once at the same time. of course, except for bryan adams lah.

so i try to soak in the information. the brain triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied to calculate.

“hmmmm, concerts around the world trying to save poverty?” a silent pause later, “fucking how?!”

how can these artists organise a multi-billion logistics extravaganza to claim that this can help to save the saviour? it does make sensible sense to say , “no we don’t want to organise this. why not i just donate 10% of my royalties and pass it to `em. and oh yeah, use the money to organise live 8 and pass it on to aaaaa-freeee-kahhhh.”

if that doesn’t make sense, i don’t know what else will.

but nooooooooooooo. everyone will defend the purity of the cause. it’s a good cause, and you should just stop bitching mr dol and get a life, if you do have one.

but i do have one – i make one by giving remarks on mega productions who proclaims for a good cause but have a snide intention to raise the profile of their cred to the world. don’t belive me? just google and look at the increasing sales of those artists involved. except for bryan adams lah. and celine dion. yeeeeeeesh.

i find the intention of live 8 similar to that of the gazzillionth charity shows that’s been telecasted here on our shores. and the public will always be tempted to give in and contribute by watching it and thus somehow it’ll create a demand for events like these.

wake up, wake up from all these marketing and hype and promotion because if not we all will be living in a world whereby the power of persuasion, comfortability and pure ignorance will rule.

eh but wait. i realised after all the rants i’ve made, i actually have that cool white band strip at the top right corner of this page. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah…so contradicting me. :>


IOC is here. hello. i hope you don’t get sick that this land tends to promote events like these to the maximum of the max. yes, we do. we like to be proud in our imaginations that the world is actually looking at us. we are proud, bitches! but not damn kuniang.


a lot like love is cute. but 7 years to finally hit the jackpot is kind of surreal. doesn’t seem to happen in this real life though.

but amanda peet’s nipples rocks to the casbah.


2 thoughts on “112053139562518451

  1. Finally comments on the “live 8” concert..

    well…everyone is entitled to their own opinion..But somehow urs hits the bull’s eye…
    Y dun they use the $$ that goes to the making of “live 8” & donate it to Africa??!!

    For someone who always hv a lot of things to say…I thank you for making me think…

  2. Ok, my duaposen.

    I think the Live8 thing is subjective. Of course, they can donate, say, 20million dollars to the poor. Or they can use the 20million and throw the gig and reap in 40million to donate.. if this is what happened, then it’s very honorable.

    It’s just like using your 10 dollars to buy some paints and paper and then painting a picture which you’ll hopefully sell for a $100 and donate the $100 to charity.

    but i once watched a docu, where this advertising guy confessed that most of the celebs and organisers pocket all the earnings they make anyway.

    hmmm… i think your dad is right. better stick to life without cable, so the media doesn’t get the chance to sucker you.

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