sunday mornings are normally reserved for late-wakeups, stretching on beds for hours and looking at the ceiling by counting to 1000. i treasure those; those are only times where i appreciate waking ups. i’ve the tendency to have this practice of stop-start sleeping – wakes up at 8, slept back, wakes up again 2 hours later and the cycle will continue until 2 pm.

logic of plans rare they are, this morning was walking sunday day. thus amazingly i managed to kick the sunday habitual and flip the papers it goes. and lo and behold, how surprised i was that blardy channel actually telecasted this. on a sunday morning?!

“Hello Lion City. Reeeeowr.”

like what tha fohshizelle is this? how the hell was this not notified?! i’ve been longing to grab this show, and suddenly it appears on singapore tv?! get off that ass you baboon!

i’ve just a feeling mediacorp is complicating a conspiracy against me. how not? i received an sms in THE morning by them to tune in at 7 to catch mr labah labah.


why do i have a feeling elizabethtown is this year’s garden state?

let’s see..
1. young struggling man returns home to attend a death in the family.
2. weird events happened at the funeral.
3. young beautiful man falls for young beautiful and quirky (mmmm) womann.

it all adds up. but i like.


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