i hope all blockbuster movies will sign a clause in their contracts to moderate any publicity of their show whenever its going to be telecast over public tv. ive gone from numb to stumped to the brink of destroying every eight legged animal in sight due to channel 5’s pure obsessiveness in promoting that show.

this is worst than those door-to-door salesmen who knocks onto your door alarmingly in the middle of the afternoon while you’re resting after lunch. this is worst than listening to sermons being blared out of loudspeakers repeatedly every friday. this is even worst that those dong-dong-cheh at the void decks. this is the everest of all irritating-ness per se.

don’t they know that marketing and publicising a product to the masses has its limits? like as advised by the ministry of health – eat in moderation for good health. if you don’t, you’ll just screw up everything else.

please mediacork executives, do it moderately the next time you are promoting ‘the movie of the year event’. it’s bad enough you are polluting my tv time, it’s worst when tv mobile decides to publicise it and haunt me on my bus trips.

bloody marketing fuckers. i just wonder are they paid every time the publicity is aired. from the numbers, i can assume so.


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