1. i’m still figuring out why people are arguing denise keller is a money grabber and does not have the ethics in her choice. i don’t see much people anyway apprehending the idea of humour and nothing much else being the choice of someone’s partner instead of lot’s of cash and almost anything else. not yet, maybe.

2. it’s worth noting tupac shakur should’ve been 34 yesterday. is he still alive? that’s the question.

3. i’m still deliberating on my choice for further studies. too many choices, too many to decide which is the best.

4. batman begins is one hell of a movie. remember, see it for 2 reasons only – christopher nolan and christian bale. i’m creating a library for those 2 as we speak.

it’s much better than the hulk, though it may be argued by most that was a hell of a boring movie. but i like ang lee movies. so much cha-lac-ter.

5. i don’t understand how much more coldplay can recycle their music again and again and again and yet still get the public’s attention. one album is enough.

6. why do award winners thank god like there is no tomorrow?


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