PCK the musical has to be, though how virgin i am in musicals, the most overrated and constipated show. EVER.

how it costs $3 million in production baffles me. the props are cranky, the most expensive seats are chairs used for classroom tutorials, non-sensical plots which have no relevant connection to the storyline(!?) whatsoever (civil defense?! like what the fuck!), unprofessional coordination of scene changes and lastly, it bores me to the brink of death.

what irritates me most (he always is anyway), is the bonanza publicity that shows like these being spread out to the people. lots of people in fact. if this is the representation of singapore production (endorsed by the gahmen somemore dont pray, pray) to the world, let’s just not hope any hope on hopeless hope.

if you ask me why i was there in the first place, let’s just say i’m the atypical kiasu singaporean who can’t resist something which is free.

oh, how contradicting is me.


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