h2g2 was ok. there are some funny bits, and some more. one word of caution for the unintended viewer though – if u have not read the book, don’t go and watch it or you’ll curse your arse for sitting stoned for the whole of 2 hours.

i like some of the parts – the 2 little ‘mice’, Deep Thought, Ford Prefect at his best and of course Marvin my favourite little robot. the pace was well but sometimes the references to certain explainations fell flat to the audience. we can’t blame the filmakers though, this IS a movie about h2g2, a masterpiece work fm messr adams. a book so refined in the explaination of the useless till it made me laugh heartily in a mrt cabin. one of the funniest ‘storylines’ in the book are those when zaphod tries to work out an instruction to the Computer, and it’ll always responds to “HI THERE! WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?”. or when the spaceship began to stop functioning because the computer is arguing with arthur simply because the computer could not find a mathematical formula on how to make tea. or how about the instruction how the door knob works. the film tried to capture the essence of those events, but somehow it’s hard to regenerate the same kind of emotion. it’s hard being a filmaker i think so.

but indeed, i am bias and yes i like it. they tried hard to generate the plotlines of the book – even though there is not a plot at all- and it did turned out quite credible.

so, don’t panic!


oh, the other day we had this amazing-race-thingish. enjoyable, though the slow rock in me can’t keep up with the young people. it’s ingenious the organisers they are, though on a hindsight a sly and very creative way to spread their organisation’s name.

maybe, the mosques’ youth wing could develop a mindset like the people from this church, organising events and stuffs like these.

on the other hand, i think not.


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