i can never imagine myself as an actor. more so a movie actor. with a face like this and carrying a charisma similar to that of a rock, acting MUST be the most far fetch career for me to be pursuing.

but it’s worth a try innit? come see MY movie trailerhere.

*tra la la*


lampu lap lips is the latest accessory to grab this season, as endorsed by CYHSY.

now my children, daddy is gonna ask you to clap your hands say yeah!


after weeks of abusing the table, keyboards and monitor screens, finally everything can be laid to rest. almost done, with everything being tested and unless someone – who co-incidentally happens to be me most of the time – at work screws it up again, i may just throw in the white towel.

which brings me into mind the hideous process of documentation. technicals don’t have to be documented if i have my way. administration is such a bitch.

the cocoon’s busted open but with no wings to fly.

or maybe i should just get that long leave. soon.


broken social scene – almost crimes

“You’re like a messiah, pal. Little kingdoms in your chest. I told you we’d make it, on for another, I told you we’d make it, on for all night. Put on all our best.

This is how they will live on, we’d looked better if we win. I told you we’d make it on for another.

Oh I’ve been getting calls now out here. I told you we’d make it on for another. On their mouths and chest. Help this love before you leave, demonstrations lack caress. I want you to take you, call on for life.

Thank you for creating souls. The longer we make this, got no way there. Your calls keep me up all night, complication sees your best.

We’ve got love and hate it’s the only way, we’ve got love and hate it’s the only way.
I think it’s almost crimes. I think it’s almost time.”


sunday mornings are normally reserved for late-wakeups, stretching on beds for hours and looking at the ceiling by counting to 1000. i treasure those; those are only times where i appreciate waking ups. i’ve the tendency to have this practice of stop-start sleeping – wakes up at 8, slept back, wakes up again 2 hours later and the cycle will continue until 2 pm.

logic of plans rare they are, this morning was walking sunday day. thus amazingly i managed to kick the sunday habitual and flip the papers it goes. and lo and behold, how surprised i was that blardy channel actually telecasted this. on a sunday morning?!

“Hello Lion City. Reeeeowr.”

like what tha fohshizelle is this? how the hell was this not notified?! i’ve been longing to grab this show, and suddenly it appears on singapore tv?! get off that ass you baboon!

i’ve just a feeling mediacorp is complicating a conspiracy against me. how not? i received an sms in THE morning by them to tune in at 7 to catch mr labah labah.


why do i have a feeling elizabethtown is this year’s garden state?

let’s see..
1. young struggling man returns home to attend a death in the family.
2. weird events happened at the funeral.
3. young beautiful man falls for young beautiful and quirky (mmmm) womann.

it all adds up. but i like.


i hope all blockbuster movies will sign a clause in their contracts to moderate any publicity of their show whenever its going to be telecast over public tv. ive gone from numb to stumped to the brink of destroying every eight legged animal in sight due to channel 5’s pure obsessiveness in promoting that show.

this is worst than those door-to-door salesmen who knocks onto your door alarmingly in the middle of the afternoon while you’re resting after lunch. this is worst than listening to sermons being blared out of loudspeakers repeatedly every friday. this is even worst that those dong-dong-cheh at the void decks. this is the everest of all irritating-ness per se.

don’t they know that marketing and publicising a product to the masses has its limits? like as advised by the ministry of health – eat in moderation for good health. if you don’t, you’ll just screw up everything else.

please mediacork executives, do it moderately the next time you are promoting ‘the movie of the year event’. it’s bad enough you are polluting my tv time, it’s worst when tv mobile decides to publicise it and haunt me on my bus trips.

bloody marketing fuckers. i just wonder are they paid every time the publicity is aired. from the numbers, i can assume so.


tiap tiap tahun pada pertengahan julai saya akan membuat perancangan untuk membasmikan suruhanjaya suatu temasya.

tapi atas sebab-sebab tertentu, yang telah dijangkakan oleh pemerintah di atas sebab sebab ‘pengganasan’, idea saya tidak terjadi. ini juga di atas beberapa alasan seperti:-
1. takde orang nak join
2. takde duit
3. malas
4. cari minah jadi tak cukup time

tapi, pada tahun ni rancangan ini mungkin akan terjadi kerna ada satu dua manusia di seluruh dunia nih yang ingin menampil khidmat mereka. 3 orang? dah macam A-Team!

tapi sebelum rancangan ini boleh diurus, perancangan yang bagus harus disediakan, seperti:-
1. cari nombor tepon/email/voip/pager/alamat encik al-sadr/milf(!?)/leong siew chor.
2. cari panduan camner nak buat bom yang satu picit dari jauh semua pecah.
3. beranikan diri tengok darah jadi tak boleh pengsan.
4. hilangkan jerawat sama kuruskan lebih sikit badan jadi boleh lakon macam super agent dalam citer alias!

pada masa ini masa telah kesuntukkan. tetapi jikalau ada ramai lagi orang yang ingin mendalangi perkara ini, sila tamu kehadapan.

oh, untuk pengetahuan anda kami cuma nak membasmikan ni benda sahaja.


saban hari makin malam
duduk disini, kertas berendam
otak mati dah tak boleh berenggam
program asik tak jalan lalu kena godam

gua heran kat diaorang programmers
otak lincah, idea asik menimba
macam mana ntah diaorang agaknya
boleh code macam setan maharajalela

masih sekarang aku tengok
ini skrin makin mengantok
leave application module aku kutuk
padahal finance report belum dirujuk

abih lepas tu aku tengok kursus
fuh, macam2 degree yang ada diurus
yang mana satu pilihan aku remus
kalau boleh, fuh semua nak dicetus

so now dah nak pukul 5
aku masih tak boleh terima
nak upgrade diri blajar lagi komputer
ataupun jadi mat bisnes yang berbahaya?


1. i’m still figuring out why people are arguing denise keller is a money grabber and does not have the ethics in her choice. i don’t see much people anyway apprehending the idea of humour and nothing much else being the choice of someone’s partner instead of lot’s of cash and almost anything else. not yet, maybe.

2. it’s worth noting tupac shakur should’ve been 34 yesterday. is he still alive? that’s the question.

3. i’m still deliberating on my choice for further studies. too many choices, too many to decide which is the best.

4. batman begins is one hell of a movie. remember, see it for 2 reasons only – christopher nolan and christian bale. i’m creating a library for those 2 as we speak.

it’s much better than the hulk, though it may be argued by most that was a hell of a boring movie. but i like ang lee movies. so much cha-lac-ter.

5. i don’t understand how much more coldplay can recycle their music again and again and again and yet still get the public’s attention. one album is enough.

6. why do award winners thank god like there is no tomorrow?


PCK the musical has to be, though how virgin i am in musicals, the most overrated and constipated show. EVER.

how it costs $3 million in production baffles me. the props are cranky, the most expensive seats are chairs used for classroom tutorials, non-sensical plots which have no relevant connection to the storyline(!?) whatsoever (civil defense?! like what the fuck!), unprofessional coordination of scene changes and lastly, it bores me to the brink of death.

what irritates me most (he always is anyway), is the bonanza publicity that shows like these being spread out to the people. lots of people in fact. if this is the representation of singapore production (endorsed by the gahmen somemore dont pray, pray) to the world, let’s just not hope any hope on hopeless hope.

if you ask me why i was there in the first place, let’s just say i’m the atypical kiasu singaporean who can’t resist something which is free.

oh, how contradicting is me.


saya benci rumah nih. bingit! bosan! bingiiiiittttt!

nak tau asal?

dulu ni rumah kena serang ngan lipas german ( you noe yang lipas kecik kecik tuh yang orang ingat anak lipas yang nampak orang dia lari macam lipas kudung times 55). ah, sekarang tuh masalah dah alrite pasal tuh benda dah tak menjelma lagi (mintak mintak lah!). tapi sekarang ada masalah baru pulak. skarang kena serang ngan itu semut kecik kecik.

mana mana pergi diaorang ada. tak mati mati pulak bila dia dipicit. ni semut i tell you super duper strong ok! bom nuklear jatuh kat atas kepala diaorang baru diaorang mampos. sial lah ni benda semua tempat sak ada. kat almari, kat meja, kat kerusi kat ESBOK PUN ADA! apa nak jadi sak ni rumah. lepas satu kojol, lagi satu menjelma. apa agaknya eh yang akan kluar kalu ni semut mampos pulak. skali ular ataupun kelawar eh? isyk!

kalu boleh nanti di rumah baru saya nak bikin rumah tuh macam “clean room lah”. you noe macam kuarintin nye bilik. nak masuk kena pakai clean suit, you know yang macam orang orang keje kat faktori kena pakai topeng sama sarung tangan. ah tuh benda kalau masih ada ni serangga2 lagi saya tak tau apa lagi nak buat. pestbusters pun agaknyer trus lingkup pasal pening tak tau apa nak buat ngan rumah saya nih.


h2g2 was ok. there are some funny bits, and some more. one word of caution for the unintended viewer though – if u have not read the book, don’t go and watch it or you’ll curse your arse for sitting stoned for the whole of 2 hours.

i like some of the parts – the 2 little ‘mice’, Deep Thought, Ford Prefect at his best and of course Marvin my favourite little robot. the pace was well but sometimes the references to certain explainations fell flat to the audience. we can’t blame the filmakers though, this IS a movie about h2g2, a masterpiece work fm messr adams. a book so refined in the explaination of the useless till it made me laugh heartily in a mrt cabin. one of the funniest ‘storylines’ in the book are those when zaphod tries to work out an instruction to the Computer, and it’ll always responds to “HI THERE! WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?”. or when the spaceship began to stop functioning because the computer is arguing with arthur simply because the computer could not find a mathematical formula on how to make tea. or how about the instruction how the door knob works. the film tried to capture the essence of those events, but somehow it’s hard to regenerate the same kind of emotion. it’s hard being a filmaker i think so.

but indeed, i am bias and yes i like it. they tried hard to generate the plotlines of the book – even though there is not a plot at all- and it did turned out quite credible.

so, don’t panic!


oh, the other day we had this amazing-race-thingish. enjoyable, though the slow rock in me can’t keep up with the young people. it’s ingenious the organisers they are, though on a hindsight a sly and very creative way to spread their organisation’s name.

maybe, the mosques’ youth wing could develop a mindset like the people from this church, organising events and stuffs like these.

on the other hand, i think not.