revenge of the sith is one weird movie.

it’s one thing if you knew how the show ends, it’s another if you emphasised the details of how it’ll began.

cheesy dialogues, many (many) fights, yoda talking the talk way too much, yoda looking very unreal, jedis fighting kung fu style, natalie portman criminally unused and so on.

i don’t hate it, but it does seem weird if you watch the films chronogically. i say if itu vader had been with r2d2 and made c3p0, how come them 3 couldn’t recognise each other in the corresponding series? and why oh why with the power of the force, could they not even have the slightest detect the palpatine in the first place? like d.u.h. right?

but remember TONITE, TONITE.

win is $3.25 and 4 is $6.40.


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