braddar, braddar..lu mau sikit r o b e r t p l a n t? rok tak mati beb.

ah, beb gua bilang lu ah gua nangis ah time itu amazing race habis tadi. tapi, gua tak paham ah part yang kena bayar itu duit teksi. Whether it’s a rule of the race or just Uchenna’s code of honour (no offence, geng, but i’m betting the former), they couldn’t leave the cabbie until they’d paid the fare in full, and their begged-for cash wasn’t enough. BLARDY HELL, people. you’re about to win $1 million! Write him a freakin’ I.O.U.!

tapi tetap gua thrill beb tengok diaorang menang.

patutlah *jeng jeng jeng* ada sindiket betting bulan lalu tutup semua bet kat itu pemenang. kua kua kua.


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