malays on general will never change. i feel i’ll rather keep this pessismistic thought for the moment.

people will always relate change to increase of monetory exhange(s). materialistic demands will never cease and thus that will be the only event that’ll figure out in their minds. but why do we value this change so much? what is this purpose for?

i’ve read and see the malay bloggies and relate it to others and the difference is waaaay overwhelming. to keep my neck on the benchmark, i don’t know these people and i guess they wouldn’t give a heck to know me either. but to filter their thoughts and actions, it is there for everyone to see.

the malay community on the whole, have this paranoia on being the weak one. worse, they wouldn’t want to be stepped upon by their own community. this, to my perspective, is because to be stepped upon by your own borthers and sisters is the lowest ebb a human being can receive since the concept of most people (here, anyway) that the malays are low in status, traditionally.

but why does the community view the malays as low in the first place anyway? who initiated it? is it just a paranomal self-concious image motioned by the people themselves? who do we blame, besides ourselves?

sadly, there is no answer, and even if i do, i’ll be dead.

anyway, back to the topic at hand. malays, like the blacks or any minority group anywhere in the world, have this hideous stigma of being labelled ” “. mentally wise over generations, it generated a sort of depressing mentality to view themselves as not being any better than anyone. a loser, paupering on the emotions of others. some got out from this phase, while most are still scarred with it. thus, this created a social divide amongst themselves.

and because of this, they’ll start to compare between their own community and to others. one to prove that they’re better than the rest, the next is to prove to the other communities that they are more than capable enough to run away from the stigma. ironically, it is because of this state of unbalancy that creates a confusing array of misunderstandings and hatred by both sets of community. the poor will view the rich as being arrogant and betrayal of brotherhood. the rich will view the poor as being jealous and condemn them for their unwillingness to change. it is a fight that’ll never end and thus to this day it continues.

the reason why black artists showcased their wealth in music videos is the most apparent example to show they can achieve monetory gains as others. you don’t see much of those in videos by white artists, do you? maybe they do not have the pressure to let the public view their social status. it applies the same to our situation here too if we change the perspective. malays tend to showcase whatever that be showcased to others to let the community know they too can be on the same level ground as others. they feel presurrised to enhance their social status but this only generates hatred and inadequency to others.

i can never read their minds or intentions. i can never stop people’s actions. but it does feel sad to watch and know that the in-fighting between the malay people is prevailing and escalating. jealousy, self-depreciation, the need to expose and display, contempt and unbashful arrogance are the only thing others will remember of the malays if this doesn’t stop.


goodbye wkw.

“During my primary school years, I never fail to look at his framed photograph together with Mrs Wee hanging proudly in the school halls while singing our National Anthem.

“He’s our President, Mr Wee Kim Wee and the grand First Lady, Mrs Wee’ said my thoughts. Being young then, I do not know what exactly the role of the President is, where he stays, politics, etc but I do know that every picture that I come across about him, there’s this sense of fatherly-comfort and security.

Without knowing him personally or directly, I feel connected to him.

Was shocked when my mum told me about his passing this morning.

My deepest sincerest condolences to the family of Dr Wee and to Mrs Wee. I heard your cries over the news just now, be strong.”

how true.


7 thoughts on “111505107901083450

  1. Well, historically speaking, we were the rockers, fishermen, hippies, druggies, bikers, terrorists (if you are moslem), romantics, what else eh? The laidback munshis…

    Constitution Article 152 (2)
    2) The Government shall exercise its functions in such manner as to recognize the special position of the Malays, who are the indigenous people of Singapore, and accordingly it shall be the responsibility of the Government to protect, safeguard, support, foster and promote their political, educational, religious, economic, social and cultural interests and the Malay language.

  2. all Malays are fucking pigs who ought to shut the fuck up and know their place in society

    you fuckers should go back to Malaysia if you don’t like it in Singapore (where you have a great deal more opportunities to excel). FUCK OFF if you can’t handle living in Singapore FUCK YOU

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